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Cadillac is owned by the General Motors. The Cadillac automobile is the most prestigious automaker of U.S. domestic luxury. During most of its existence, company was known exclusively for its good comfortable, sedans friendly senior, but in recent years the automaker has revised and expanded his line in a successful effort to attract a new generation, more young. List of Cadillac SUVs now includes a crossover and even the high performance vehicle.

Cadillac quickly gained a reputation for specialist accurate, the standardized parts and craftsmanship.  The brand became the luxury division of GM, and its list of innovations grew. The Cadillac was the first automaker in the U.S. to produce the V8, the first to use a thermostatically controlled cooling system and the first board controlled headlights. During the 1930s, the brand won a solid reputation for the production of V12 and V16 engines powerful and smooth.

Shortly after World War II, Cadillac’s history reached a high point as their cars tailfinned and chromium – Laden became the epitome of style postwar American car. The Cadillac tail fin was inspired by the Lockheed Aircraft P38 Lightning, and was a creation by the designer Frank Hershey. The vehicles like the Coupe de Ville and Fleetwood Cadillac El Dorado became a staple in upscale neighborhoods and among the Hollywood set.

By the 1960s, flashy Cadillac tailfins had given way to a new signal style vertical taillights. This attribute is highlighted in one of the most successful new Cadillac cars of that decade, the Fleetwood Sixty Special. Fleetwood offers luxury features that were cutting-edge for its time, as the folding writing tables, footstools and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel.

The gas crisis of the 1970s, however, began a downward trend for the company. The Giants titanic Cadillac ruled the highways in earlier decades were increasingly out of touch and out of favor. Cadillac responded to changing times downscaling of the dimensions of many vehicles in its lineup. Despite this clever maneuver, the fortunes of the automaker suffered in the late 70s when it unveiled a diesel engine that quickly a reputation for erratic performance earned.

The 1980s saw the redesign of Seville, a vehicle whose sole bustle -back style sparked a trend and inspired its share of imitators. That decade also saw the launch of the Cimarron, a small car that was essentially a rebadged Chevy Cavalier, the last car of an economy is not exactly known for their excellence.  Things got worse when Cadillac launched a series of V8 engines, unreliable low power during the first half of that decade, along with the highly unreliable diesel, the automaker cost thousands of customers, millions of dollars and immeasurable damage to his reputation.

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In the early ’90s, Cadillac began a major change, as the brought fresh design, elegant models with greatly improved engines. Soon after the new millennium bent, the company adopted its design philosophy ” Art and Science”. With styling cues that included acute and almost severe lines stacked headlights Arts and Science was first seen in 1999 Evoq Cadillac roadster concept. In the mid 2000s, this bold new look had revitalized sales of the company, and was seen in hits like the Escalade SUV and CTS sport sedan.