2019 Infiniti QX60

2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure

2019 Infiniti QX60 is available in two finishes and with front wheel or wheel drive. The Infiniti QX60 2019 has a luxurious and thoughtful interior design. Buyers looking for more features will opt for the Luxury trim, not only does it have more equipment, but it is necessary to add a variety of driver assistance, […]

2019 Hummer H4

2019 Hummer H4 Concept

2019 Hummer H4  is an SUV project designed to complement the Hummer range, General Motors planned to launch the model in the US market around 2009. Like the H3, this new vehicle had to get closer and closer to a fully family friendly use, rather than utility use. all land. However, the H4 had to […]

2019 Hummer H3

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2019 Hummer H3 Design

2019 Hummer H3 is a field vehicle produced by General Motors from 2005 to 2010. The smallest model of the Hummer range is presented as a 5-door SUV or a 4-door bakkie known as the 2019 Hummer H3T. Unlike the larger 2019 Hummer H1 and 2019 Hummer H2 models, the 2019 H3 has not been […]

2019 Hummer H2

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2019 Hummer H2 Interior

The 2019 Hummer H2 is a large SUV which was marketed by Hummer and built by AM General from 2002 to 2009 based on a Chevrolet GMT820 2500 HD adapted from front and 1500 frame back. A common misconception was that it was based on the Tahoe frame. A four-door mid-door truck version which opens […]

2019 Hummer H1

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2019 Hummer H1 Truck

The 2019 Hummer H1 is a four-wheel drive vehicle based on the M998 Humvee, created by AM General. The Hummer H1 was manufactured from 1992 to 2006 and was the first to become the Hummer line. Originally designed for military use, the field vehicle was released to the civilian market due to market demand. AM […]

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

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2019 Hyundai Santa FE XL Lmited Ultimate

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is a large sized SUV, although its model names are a bit confusing. For 2019, the 2-row version (formerly the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport) is now called Santa Fe. It has been redesigned this year and has a new look and a longer body. One of the most notable changes […]

2019 Honda Odyssey

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2019 Honda Odyssey Touring

The 2019 Honda Odyssey is an excellent minibus. The Honda Odyssey 2019 EX-L is well-built interior has three rows of spacious, comfortable seats, and offers many user-friendly technological features, including handy items such as a built-in vacuum. Being the best combination of quality and value in its class, the Odyssey was named our 2019 best […]

2019 GMC Terrain

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2019 GMC Terrain SLT

2019 GMC Terrain and receive major updates for the model year 2019, Since the end of Silverado’s front is not for everyone, 2019 GMC Terrain 2019 model holds a design that is a bit more traditional. Of course, the grille makes up 90 percent of the front, but it combines well with the rest of […]

2019 Ford Ranger

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2019 Ford Ranger ZLT Sport

2019 Ford Ranger is the most attractive appeal and cargo in the classroom, as well as a full EcoBoost engine. 2019 Ford Ranger debuts as the highest dog of medium trucks with excellent technology and rides quality. The domestic materials are average and the fuel economy in the real world suffers. 2019 Ford Ranger debuts […]

2019 Ferrari 488

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2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

The 2019 Ferrari 488is a mid-engine sports car made by the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. The 2019 Ferrari 488 is an update for the 458 with excellent exterior and performance changes. The successor, the F8 Tributo, was announced in February 2019 to the public as a 2020 model. The Ferrari 488 is designed to increase […]