2018 Hummer HX

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2018 Hummer HX is a compact / compact all-terrain vehicle, the first-year model was unveiled on January 8, 2008, and generated by General Motors. The car is minimum that H2 and H3 and is enabled by 3.6L SIDI V6 E85 FlexFuel capable. There can also be 2.4 L (~ 146 cu in) SIDI 4 selecting the guard, making the first hummer with a cylinder motor.

Features of the instrument panel off-road mode include real tools from the HX, while others use it for physical wielding, includes the supply, the light of the flashlight, and the kit aids. All handle the “reduced cycle” design that is available throughout the vehicle. The 2018 HX is shown in the background, with a paint system with hot paint in the desert, at the North American International Auto Show. Additional features of the conversion include:

2018 Hummer HX Design

Classic Hummer Cues design makes the HX appear immediately, including the shopping trip, houses an open kingdom profile, small overhangs, bonnet and exceptional machine spirit. The air conditioner works and consumes the V-6 engine under a hood, while active bell events that point to the heat of the air cannot escape. And while the headlamp and the clear grill signal Hummer, they have converted to the HX with “recorded” circles. The grille slots and headlights, as well as internal components, the appearance of circles or ovals engraved on the top and above, making the car uniquely speaking and ordering.

2018 Hummer HX Hybrid

2018 Hummer HX Hybrid

The HX exterior is filled with HID head titles with automatically automatic headlights when turned on, such as the lens of the autofocus SLR camera. The LED technology is used for the front headlights and signals. Honorable LED light bars are included in Hummer HX

2018 Hummer HX Exterior

The 2018 HX design has developed the entry of three new BM users and the Hummer design studio. As part of their “initiation”, they were fined for developing small and small Hummer drawings. The concept of HX is based on one of the original characters but combines ideas and the best elements of some of the prizes. Inside and out, the HX has a good idea that, from the original drawings of clay elements, it was cleaned in just six months.

In addition, the crisis seems to be in the look of the Billet highlight aluminum suspension parts, including the CNC machined body anointing, and clean, and caused a little bit of smallness. The protection article is taken seriously when the roof packages, the roof of the roof, the flares of the mudguards and the doors are removed.

2018 Hummer HX Interior

Like the exterior, inside, the color of the olive goes beyond the internal penetration of the metal. The color corresponds to mixed alloy or aluminum wheels, such as handles, switches and other necessary parts. The application panel uses the most prominent program, separated by the car as a base. In the valley, a collection of metals and other important controls is suggested; and also integrates the top cover to eliminate the power supply. The floor is inverted and the metal panel is integrated into the ballistic material.

2018 Hummer HX Engine

The HX promotion is E85 FlexFuel 3.6L SIDI V-6 sponsored by six automatic transfers. The transfer includes a 4WD program to provide speed and speed for towing capacity. Four-wheel disc brakes provide powerful shutter force. When a car starts producing, the FlexFuel engine weighs 2.5 pounds [2.4L] and the precise oil engine of 2.4L and 3.6L will be available again. The new engines can be used and the next generations of Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon and 2018 Hummer H3 / H3T, which should be done in the model 2018 year.