2017 Volvo S90

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2017 Volvo S90 is a sedan of the Swedish automaker Volvo launched in 1996. Volvo S90 2017 model is a small evolution of the 960, the last propulsion of the Swedish manufacturer. In 1998, Volvo S90 was replaced by the S80, replaced in 2016 by a second generation of S90.

The 2017 S90 is a car model of the upper middle class of the Swedish automotive manufacturer Volvo. The world champion of the limousine took place in January 2016 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The market launch took place in the summer of 2016, followed by a hybrid version in November 2016. At the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2016, Volvo presented the long version S90 Excellence for the Chinese market. Based on the S90 and with the same engines, the Volvo V90 was launched in September 2016.

2017 Volvo S90 R-Design packages for the Volvo S90 and Volvo V90 were unveiled on June 22, 2016, adding a more sporty body design, with different design bumpers, front grille, side skirts, black glossy decorative and fog lights. They also feature new, more sporty wheels. In the living room are fitted leathers of even higher quality, combined with sports seats, steering wheel, pedals and floor mats.

2017 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum

2017 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum

The 9-inch central touchscreen, known as Sensus, which Volvo introduced for the first time on the XC90, is standard in both the S90 and V90, with all the basic features (such as the audio system, the navigation system, its main systems Car and several other applications) can be tuned through it. All 2017 Volvo S90 and V90 also feature a digital instrument cluster, 10-speaker audio system, Internet connection, Bluetooth, Keyless Start, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, 4-zone extras and more.

2017 Volvo S90 Engines

Like the level of equipment, common with the second-generation 2017 Volvo XC90 are the S90 and V90 engine assemblies. As a result, the model offers a range of 2-liter, 4-cylinder engines from the VEA family (DRIVe), gasoline and oil to combine fuel-efficient performance and emissions reduction. They all meet the stringent Euro 6 emission standards. Combined with the new 8-speed Geartronic automatic transmission, which debuted at the end of 2014 with the introduction of the second-generation Volvo XC90, although in a few countries a 6-speed manual transmission is available in the basic versions.

As with the Volvo XC90, the diesel versions are called D4 and D5, the petrol-powered versions are called T5 and T6, and the top version is the T8 or S90 Twin Engine, a plug-in hybrid version. At the same time, the respective horsepower of the engines is similar to that of the SUV.

2017 Volvo S90Cross-Country

In September 2016, at the Paris Motor Show, the Volvo S90 Cross-Country was officially revealed. The model is a V90 version with a slightly higher body height and a 4-drive, designed for off-road use as well as for driving on poor road conditions. Especially in Greece, the introduction of this edition was launched on 20 January 2017. In the United States it is normally available, as opposed to the common V90, which is available only on a special order.

2017 Volvo S90 Safety

All versions of the 2017 Volvo S90 and Volvo V90 carry the City Safety package for automatic detection and braking to avoid vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists or cyclists, large animals, opposite vehicles arriving at intersections etc. without any limitation of speed. At the same time, Euro NCAP officially announced that it confirmed, according to a study, that the results of the Volvo V90 were respectively or even better than those of the Volvo S90 and that, consequently, these figures also apply to the 2017 Volvo S90.