2017 Maybach Exelero

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The 2017 Maybach Exelero is a luxurious sports coupe concept, designed by top German manufacturer Maybach. Officially presented to the public in May 2005 in Berlin, Maybach Exelero unique car is the result of an order from the tire manufacturer Fulda.

Maybach Exelero History

In 1938, Fulda called on Maybach to develop a car capable of setting new records, such as exceeding 200 km/h, and equipped with its tires. A special version of the Maybach SW38 is created and powered by a 140-hp six-cylinder engine. With an aerodynamic profile, it reaches the speed of 200 km / h 1,

In order to commemorate this cooperation and the centenary of the brand, Fulda is again asking Maybach to carry out a similar project, a high-end sports coupe, and experimenting with a high performance tire called “Carat Exelero” capable of supporting 350 km/h. Maybach develops, in two years, this model based on Maybach 57 and named “Exelero” 2, Klaus Ludwig was Fulda’s test driver for the Maybach.

Maybach Exelero Tires

Fulda created for the 2017 Maybach Exelero’s model tires measuring 315/25 mounted on 23-inch rims signed Ronal. A complete wheel weighs 46 kg.

Maybach Exelero Conception

Instead of maintaining the Maybach’s twin-turbo V12, the engineers decided to make some adjustments in order to better fit Fulda’s wishes. The cylinder capacity went from 5.6 to 5.9 L and the turbo optimized for a power of 700 hp and a torque of 1,020 Nm, Performance is of the same order at a maximum speed of 350 km / h ( 351.4 km / h on the Nard√≤ circuit in Italy, world speed record for a limousine fitted with standard tires) and a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds despite a weight of 2.7 tonnes 3,

Maybach Exelero Price

2017 Maybach Exelero price is about 4 million euros but its production cost 8 million. In 2011, American rapper Birdman bought the only copy of this concept car.

Maybach Exelero 2016

Maybach Exelero 2016

2017 Maybach Exelero Model

2017 Maybach Exelero Model