2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept

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The 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept was first time unveiled at the New York International Auto Show 2016 in March. The overall Lincoln Navigator Concept design is supposed to be a strong idea of what the production 2017 Navigator will look like when it goes on sale be 2017/2018. However, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept’s Gullwing doors and the staircase inspired lift gate does not expect to be a function of the production model.

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is a luxury SUV under the Lincoln brand of the Ford Motor Company sales. The Lincoln Navigator has also been developed under the Ford program codenamed UN173, the expedition developed under the UN93 program code name. The full-size body-on-frame vehicle, the Navigator is mechanically associated with the Ford Expedition,  both vehicles were associated with the 1997 Ford F-series. As with many high-end SUV, the Navigator featured independent front suspension, the rear suspension was a live rear axle design. Using an optional feature of his Ford counterpart, the traveler designed with load-leveling air suspension; mainly tuned for ride comfort, the air suspension lowers itself when the vehicle was parked.

Although technically available with rear-wheel drive, the primary drivetrain on the Lincoln Navigator was ControlTrac, a computer-controlled automatic four-wheel drive system. As with the expedition, the traveler was equipped with four-wheel drive anti-lock disc brakes. Use the same 230hp 5.4L Triton V8 as the expedition / F-150 came with the 4-speed 4R100 automatic transmission, the 1998 Lincoln Navigator with a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds (3500 kg). During 1999, will Lincoln two different engines in the Navigator suit in an attempt to better fit full-size SUVs from General Motors. At the beginning of the model year, the Triton V8 is upgraded to 260hp, than to replace a current change in the model year, would Lincoln SOHC Triton with a 300 hp DOHC 5.4L V8, with the name of Intech.

2017 Lncoln Navigator Concept Car

2017 Lncoln Navigator oncept Car


2017 Lncoln Navigator Concept Model

2017 Lncoln Navigator Concept Model