2017 Hummer HX

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The 2017 Hummer HX concept was revealed back in 2008 when the Detroit Auto show. It is off-road vehicle featuring elegant design and luxurious exterior and interior. The new 2017 Hummer HX adopts a muscular bodywork and rugged styling. The body is made from lightweight aluminum materials thus enhancing aerodynamic and fuel efficiency of the car. It will run on 35-inch tires featuring a 20-inch rim and that is a good candidate for it as the vehicle 0fF-road Hummer different aesthetic.

At the front end, you should expect good lighting system with HID headlamps that work like an SLR lens. The Hummer HX concept body style design and adopts a multi-configuration deferential carved Modular roof and slanted back that looks like a traditional chariot. Another interesting feature of this fact is that the removable door panel is no longer straight, like its predecessor. Now have the luxury tout-shoulder intersects nicely with the fenders front and rear. Its fenders front on 2017 HX Concept with removable and allow to adjust the route in case of damage.

2017 Hummer HX Interior

Inside the Hummer HX 2017 concept, its dashboard design features a simple but modern. The innermost chamber imitates the elegant exterior theme and center console more cockpit aircraft. There is a giant aluminum panel instrumental has placed the cross beam. Configurable instrument panel houses a removable LCD and storage bins. You will be able to read the various displays infotainment from the LCD. The center console and includes a lever giant capable of out.

2017 Hummer HX Hybrid Model

2017 Hummer HX Hybrid Model

Comfort is guaranteed for both the driver and passengers, thanks to its high upholstering material on the seats. Seats very strong, made of aluminum and upholstered using Coverings Neoprene and nylon ballistic. Consumers will enjoy driving long distances, thanks to ample legroom allowed four chairs both. Down is made using premium equipment rubber, therefore, making it easier to clean.

2017 Hummer HX Engine

Under the hood, 2017 Hummer HX Concept will be powered by 3.6-liter E85 FlexFuel V-6 engine 304 hp and 273 lb-ft. This engine will be mated to a six-speed automatic transmission to send power to both the front and rear wheels. I full-time four-wheel drive system has been equipped with four-wheel disc brakes.

2017 Hummer HX Release Date And Price:

The producers have not yet provided full details of the 2017 Hummer HX release date and price. However, customers expect that it will hit the market later this year or perhaps in the first quarter of 2017. The 2017 Hummer HX price range somewhere around $25,000 and $30,000.