2017 BMW 3 Series

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2017 BMW 3 Series is available on the sedan and body styles of the cars. Sedans are up to 320i, 328d, 330i, 330s and 340i trim levels with Standard standard-wheel drive. All wheel drive (called xDrive) is selected for all but a 330e plug-in. BMW 3 Series 2017 model is only available at 330i xDrive and 328d xDrive. 320i is the cheapest way to Series Series 3, but there are not many popular types of entertainment.

2017 BMW 3 Series Interior

Inside, 2017 BMW 3 Series, Interior offers an attractive but blocked design with a sound plan for a standard BMW format. The back of the passenger is better than ever before but we can still leave a little bit in the study. Storage for a small item is difficult to reach. Nevertheless, the most powerful effort is. Many buttons and titles have set well. The cruise control keys at the channel are intuitive especially. The iDrive controller is difficult, but it’s reasonable for this to be the second thing. Tech package combines a larger 8.8-inch screen.

Small doors make access to strong areas. You can not cross the playground as you enter the sports car; The height of the seat where appropriate. The front seats can be prevented from entering the back if the people are high. The driver’s seat provides a wide range of adjustments to the above and above directions, and the telescoping driving wheel returns far enough even to the tallest people. Once there are, mirrors, gauges, and controls all feel closer.

2017 BMW 3 Series Features

The average 6.5-inch iDrive display is sufficient, but 8.8-inch screen is the key to true comfort. The iDrive system is easy to use with the right menu, emergency graphics, and quick processing. The controller control key can be used to write responses through your finger. The standard audio program is good; The round-speaker speaker-Harman Kardon choice is even larger. This latest BMW‘s iDrive analysis is well planned, with a great touchpad control knob surrounded by a simple button.

BMW applications offer a smartphone connection system but come voluntarily to the technical package. Apple CarPlay is an independent way. There is no Android Auto integration right now. The complete suite of driving services, including the back camera, parking sensors, blind blinding, moving warning, and warning forwarding of urgent emergency braking, are available.

2017 BMW 3 Series Hatchback

2017 BMW 3 Series Hatchback

They work well, but you have to pay. Voice control seems difficult and difficult to work, but long press and hold down to our Smart Siri voice command, which is excellent. It’s good to have this feature because smartphone applications do this better.

2017 BMW 3 Series Engine

In 2017, a new cylinder engine at 3 Series levels leads to the conversion of the name (328i of the previous year now 330i) and the power bump slowly. The M Sport package is now limited to 340i models, although the sport or best package can be changed without additional costs. Wireless device charging and integration of Apple CarPlay are new standardization, and the 2017 BMW 3 Series iDrive infotainment interface is enhanced in the latest version.