2017 Audi Q5

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2017 Audi Q5 is a compact SUV developed by the German car manufacturer Audi. The first-generation of the Audi Q5 was came on the market in November 2008. Audi Q5 is manufactured in Ingolstadt, Changchun, and Aurangabad (India) and builds on Audi’s modular longitudinal building block as does the A4 B8 and the A5. The Q5 was presented for the first time at the Auto China Beijing trade fair in April 2008.

Historically the second SUV of the brand after the Audi Q7 launched at the end of 2006, the Audi Q5 is destined to compete with the Mercedes-Benz GLK, the Volvo XC60 but especially the BMW X3, reference of the category. Despite a late arrival in this segment, which exploded in 2008, the Q5 reached 44% of the luxury SUV market in France. The success of the 2017 Audi Q5, according to the spokesman of Audi in France, “its elegant, discreet and versatile”.

Assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany, it is part of the family Audi A4 / Audi A5 with which it shares its platform. Much smaller than the Q7 with a length of 4 629 mm, the 2017 Q5 is nevertheless one of the largest compact SUVs on the market.

2017 Audi Q5 Design

Taking on the characteristic features of the German brand, Audi Q5 2017 model is difficult to misunderstand the affiliation of the Q5 with Audi. The single-frame trapezoidal grille, square headlights incorporating daylight thanks to LED lights, are common to the latest Audi models.

Mounted on alloy rims of 17 to 20 inches depending on the version, the profile of the Q5 is recognizable by its ribs marked on the wings in order to give, according to the designers, a little musculature. The gently sloping rear roof line is topped with thin, chrome-plated roof rails. Made of aluminum as the hood, the tailgate is tilted enough to avoid the impression of owning a break. From an aerodynamic point of view, the Audi Q5 records a new record for the segment with a drag coefficient (Cx) of 0.33

2017 Audi Q5 Interior

The cabin contains aluminum, precious woods, chrome, leather or Alcantara, with its generous dimensions making it one of the longest SUVs in the segment, the Audi Q5 is also one of the most spacious in its class 6. With a length of 4 629 mm and a width of 1880 mm – that is 7 cm wider than the A4, for the benefit of livability, the trunk reaches a useful volume of 540 dm 3, against 480 dm 3 For the BMW X3, the main rival of the Audi Q5. The seats folded down, the trunk offers a capacity of 1,560 liters.

The rear seats are thus generous although the use of the central place is considerably limited by an imposing central tunnel necessary for the installation of the integral transmission. The trunk can be enlarged by ten centimeters to the detriment of the rear seats thanks to the “sliding rear seat” option, in which case the vehicle is equipped with a large ski hatch, the central backrest folding horizontally.

2017 Audi Q5 Equipment

The Audi Q5 is the first model to inaugurate the new Audi third generation GPS navigator. While mapping is being redesigned to make it easier to use, GPS uses 3D maps with the integration of an 800 MHz processor and NVIDIA graphics chip. All road models are modeled in 3D, only in large cities.

2017 Audi Q5 Canada

2017 Audi Q5 Canada

The navigation system of the on-board computer MMI integrates a new functionality: the jukebox. A 40 GB hard drive is available to store music from an SD card or CD-ROM. As with Mercedes-Benz, only pieces of compressed music can be used. For SD cards, the connections are present on the front panel. DVD video playback on the MMI screen is also available when the vehicle is stopped.

The Audi Q5 also offers the possibility to acquire the Advanced Key system. It is a system of access and starting without the key. Key in a pocket, passing the hand in one of the door handles allows their unlocking while the starting or the stop of the motor is carried out via a switch located to the left of the gear lever. The Audi Q5 is also equipped, as an option, with a panoramic sunroof covering the entire passenger compartment.

2017 Audi Q5 Engine

The Audi Q5 engine range starts with two turbocharged TFSI 4-cylinder in-line engines and an electric hybrid version. With a displacement of 1,984 cc, the most powerful of the two develops a power of 211 hp. A V6 FSI petrol engine is also available, with a power of 270 hp. The Diesel engine range is much more varied, there are indeed the 2.0 TDI 140 hp and 170 hp, and two diesel of big displacement with the 3.0 TDI 240 hp and the SQ5 which develops a bi-turbo engine of 313 cc.

Audi Q5 Safety

The Audi Q5 is equipped with modern active safety technologies. The Lane Assist system monitors unintentional line crossing and alerts the driver by vibration in the steering wheel. The system switches off when the turn signals are switched on. The Side Assist system monitors lateral blind spots. A rectangular warning light that is placed against the window at the outside mirrors warns the driver of a 2017 Audi Q5 in the blind spot.