2014 Skoda Fabia

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The 2014 Skoda Fabia is a supermini, it is better for enemy vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. This is based on the Volkswagen Polo and share many of the parts on the car. Skoda basically gives you a cut-price Volkswagen Polo. It’s practical, comfortable and show some class-leading diesel engines that offer very good economy and efficiency, while plenty of power. There is a choice of six levels of meaning: entry-level S, SE, Elegance, Greenline II, Monte Carlo and VRS top-of-the-range. The Fabia will not set your world on fire – it is better to have a car you buy with your head instead of your heart, but capable.

2014 Skoda Fabia Interior

The 2014 Skoda Fabia is the UK’s roads are difficult because of the soft suspension set up that focused more on comfort than sporty performance. You may not be able to handle and the Ford Fiesta, but the Fabia is doing solid feel through the corners and provides accurate steering is nice and responsive. In general, the Fabia is calm and comfortable, but the 1.2-liter TDI diesel fitted to the model Greenline II gets pretty loud, growling when idling.

If you regularly clock up the miles on the long motorway drive, we suggest you take a look at one of the 1.6-liter TDI Diesels or a turbocharged 1.2-liter petrol, because road, wind noise from the wheel well dampened internal and good quality. Plus, driving position is good, with many changes to the seat and the steering wheel. There is also plenty of room up front, and, with some effort, you can squeeze in three adults in the back seat, thanks to a roofline the highest Fabia boxy shapes.

2014 Skoda Fabia Engine

Driving a Fabia surrounding the city, it feels narrower than many of its competitors, which makes it a little more fun and easier to park in tight spaces. This is further helped by the appearance of its light, while the space in the front of the gifts. If you take the Fabia off the beaten track, like the Volkswagen Polo on which it is based have seen, both elements more comfort with performance in mind than sporty. The soft suspension absorbs bumps most extravagant and without much difficulty, making it good for long distances.

Entry-level petrol engines are somewhat underpowered, but go for one of the 1.2-liter turbocharged engines and you will get a great mix of performance and economy.

2014 Skoda Fabia Safety

The Fabia has been set-up to be easier to drive than exciting. If the driving pleasure you’re after, then look at the Ford Fiesta, which is the best in the class supermini car to drive. The Fabia will get you where you need to go, well done, but it will not put your smile in that process.

2014 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Facelift

2014 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo Facelift

It’s good around town due to the fact that a narrower feel than many other super-minis, which makes navigating the crowded streets of the city a little more stressful – and makes parking easier. And because they are so comfortable and quiet, it’s a decent motorway cruiser, and. The steering is light, which makes it easier to use, but give the answer enough to allow more spirited driving twisty country roads. Entry-level petrol engines are a bit underpowered, but the 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine and the 2014 Skoda Fabia 1.6-liter diesel engine both decent players.