2014 Citroen DS5

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The Citroen DS5 is a compact executive car by French automaker Citroen launched in the European market in November 2011. It is third model in the premium sub-brand DS and runs alongside its popular vehicles. The DS5 revealed at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011. Although Peugeot and Citroen have shared platforms and products of the highlights from the last decades of the twentieth century, the DS5 in -2011 the first moto Citroen branded to assemble Peugeot’s European plant to lead at Sochaux.

2014 Citroen DS5 mixes hatchback and estate styling similar to the incident-tie. The styling was influenced by the C-Sportlounge concept car shown at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is 4,530 mm long and 1,871 mm diameter, a size similar to those of the Lancia Delta. This is not a coincidence, the 2014 Citroen DS5is based on the platform PF2 far as 3008, not the C5 as its name would imply.

Like the original concept car, the inside of its most inspired airports and is also available with two consoles-one of which is located on the roof directly above the other. With a display head-up in front of the driver, the 2014 Citroen DS5 cabin is designed to resemble a jet plane. Emphasizing its links to airports, and the original 2014 Citroen DS model, the carmaker recreated the old Photoshoot car on the Concorde.

2014 Citroen DS5 White

2014 Citroen DS5 White

Consumers are able to choose between gasoline turbocharged engines and two diesel, but the Drivetrain that Citroen is to focus it’s Psa diesel-electric Hybrid4. It marries a 163 HP 2.0 HDI diesel engine with 37 HP electric motor mounted on the axle bolt and then sends power to all four wheels as needed. Depending on the trim level, this Powertrain emitting 99g/km or 107g/km CO2, and the 2014 Citroen DS5 can drive on electricity alone if the battery is sufficiently charged. It is important to note that the DS5 Citroen will be the first with a Drivetrain hybrid, and the first production car with a diesel-electric hybrid Drivetrain. The hybrid convertible 2014 Citroen DS5  elected François Holland for his investiture as a president exhibition in France.