2013 GMC Sierra

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The 2013 GMC Sierra fullsize trucks, reach in the beauty and durability performance and Hybrid Sierra remaining a standout fuelefficient. The GMC Sierra almost identical to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, yet there is something that keeps the form Shopper coming GMC version of the fullsize pickup. The 2013 GMC Sierra takes on the Ford F150 and Ram 1500 in defending the traditions of the truck. The 2013 GMC Sierra look tasteful entirely depends on the power of the squareIt‘s simple, direct, and probably very different like the rest of the truck until you get inside one of the more expensive versions, like the Denali and its Upholstery plush, softtouch plastic and wood-grain trim.

2013 GMC Sierra Interior

The 2013 GMC Sierra got their last full, but rather formal, look to the truck‘s Conservatives have stood the test of time.  The 2013 GMC Sierra is very conservative, and does not depend on a lot of styling tricks to convey what the selling firm, to be honest, the difficulties. The big rectangular grill is simplicity itself, and the corners are a little more prominent than on the Silverado basically identical. With the big GMC logo on the grill, there is little risk of a mistake, 2013 Sierra for any other model, but from the side or rear, what may appear to be just a little too plain for some tastes. That the contrast is pleasing to some consumers aside a little overwrought Toyota Tundra toe the line weirder, and while the Ram 1500 comes in or softer and more car like in for 2013, it remains intimidatingly tall and strong.

Inside the Sierra‘s beginning to look a little dated. Still less expensive versions of the simple Sport, the design is larger controls and door handles to take aim at those who want to worktruck duty and pricier versions get a cabin that feels almost directly borrowed from GM‘s fullsize SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe. With the latest design comes a flat, smooth instrument panel design, and improved materials and trims properly. The only trims that you can not really ones wood-grain, which are neither convincing luxury or fit with the mission of Sierra‘s.

2013 GMC Sierra Engine

The 2013 GMC Sierra is still compare very well with other fullsize pickups, especially with regard to handling, though its base V6 is not really up to snuff.  The V6 and 4.3liter makes 195 horses, and it‘s not all that refined; it really just aimed at those consumers fleet, and contracts. While the price is good, the fuel economy is not so impressed with the automatic fourspeed transmission Sole offered and to the detriment of the suction power from six. The next step up is a flexfuel 4.8liter V8 along 302 horsepower, but this engine and envisage the use of ships, and has an automatic fourspeed.

The 2013 GMC Sierra Hybrid comes with a more complex drive-train, pairing a 6.0liter V8 along cylinder deactivation to an electric variable transmission (EVT) two motor / generator of electricity, four fixedratio gears, and a volt 300 nickelmetalhydride battery pack. Overall, the equivalent of 332 horsepower and 367 poundfeet of torque, giving the Hybrid pretty close to the speed that the images outfitted with a 5.3liter V8 engine. There is an eerie smoothness to the power-train‘s the Hybrid goes about its business, and can go 25 Mph distance electric power alone. About the only thing we do not like a lot about the Hybrid is its electric power steering is vague more regulation.

2013 GMC Sierra Safety

The 2013 GMC Sierra has a mix a bit of crashtest scores that might put some doubt in your mind, even though its list of safety technology is reassuring. The 2013 GMC Sierra accompanies Side curtain airbags, the stability control and antilock brakes are included in all models Sierra, as OnStar hardware. Pedals Poweradjustable help drivers too short to get more comfortable and we do not recommend the optional rear camera, which can be seen on the tall tailgate support.

The 2013 GMC Sierra model received a mix of measures five- and four-star from the federal government, depending on the body styles. The Crew Cab fourdoors overall rating five stars, as always and Extended Cab models get fourstar general. The 2013 GMC Sierra receives a score NHTSA‘s up for sideimpact safety.

2013 GMC Sierra Lifted

2013 GMC Sierra Lifted