SAMBO is an Aggressive Fround-based Fighting Style Game

The name “SAMBO” is derived from the Russian abbreviation Samozashchita Bez Orujiya, which literally translates as “unarmed self-defense”. It was originally developed by the NKVD and the Red Army of the Soviet Union in the early 1920s only to train Soviet special forces in hand-to-hand combat. Designed to combine the most effective techniques in the known martial arts, SAMBO focuses on the practicality and application of combat in real combat situations, with an emphasis on aggression and rapid strike techniques. One of the main distinguishing features of Krav Maga from other types of MMA is that Krav Maga teaches self-defense and combat skills for realistic scenarios where there are no rules and no punches for points, learn more at

SAMBO, unlike other wrestling sports, fills this realism with fewer rules and restrictions and more permissible moves, including standing fights, leg locks, and ground wrestling techniques. Compared to BJJ, judo, jiujitsu, and other types of wrestling, SAMBO is more suitable for “ruleless” ground fights that require practical solutions.

SAMBO remained unknown in the West until the mid-1960s when Soviet fighters began to win international judo competitions. Undefeated UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov is a SAMBO fighter. In SAMBO, he found the perfect combination of standing and floor-based wrestling to take his fighting game to the next level. Habib, who practiced wrestling, SAMBO, and judo under the guidance of his late father Abdulmanap from a young age, made invincible until he reached the octagon.

While BJJ, judo, and jiujitsu are currently the most common martial arts in Australia, SAMBO has been popular since the 1960/the 70s due to its diversity and practicality. Although SAMBO is world-renowned and on its way to becoming a recognized Olympic sport, in Australia it is still almost unknown. But that is changing. The federation was founded in 2019 and there is a growing interest in the sport among Australian MMA practitioners. The biggest hurdle in learning SAMBO right now is finding real SAMBO lessons.

SGS Krav Maga is proud to offer SAMBO classes in the Sydney capital with a trained SAMBO fighter and instructor. SAMBO is an aggressive, unrestricted, mainly land-based martial art that uses judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, BJJ, jiu-jitsu, folk wrestling from Central Asia, Europe, and other former Soviet republics, and modern wrestling. daily militarized suppression methods.

Is SAMBO Good for Defense?

Sambo is one of the best martial arts you can learn to defend yourself. This is one of the unique combat systems that will teach you how to fight, wherever you are. Unlike some other arts, sambo is not one-dimensional and it covers all elements of an MMA-like fight. Here are some important sambo skills you can learn in street fighting:

  • Strong judo throwing and sweeping
  • Eliminate the struggle
  • Various seams and joint locks

Having strong grappling skills and knowing how to shoot a person will give you a huge advantage in street fighting. Lowering the aggressor gives you room to escape or gain a dominant position, in which case you can apply submissions. Combat sambo training also teaches you how to use punches, punches, elbows, and knees to inflict damage. This form even includes “dirty” methods that can be used for self-defense. Many other combat systems do not teach you how to use or defend against illegal tactics.