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The Renault ZOE is an electrically driven small car of the French manufacturer Renault, which will be delivered in March 2013. Renault ZOE “Chameleon” loading system offered in 2013 with up to 43 kW, the highest AC-charging power of a standard vehicle. The Renault ZOE is on the same vehicle platform as the Renault Clio.

The Renault ZOE is the best selling electric car in Europe with a market share of 23.6 percent (as of January 2016). In the first quarter of 2016, the Renault Zoe had a market share of 25.8 percent, the best-selling electric car in Germany. in France, the market share was in the range electric car in 2015 at about 55 percent. In May 2016, the 50,000 Renault Zoe was delivered. Renault draws in 2016 the production of the Renault ZOE so that in 2016 35,000 vehicles will be produced. Renault sold the Renault ZOE only in Europe (as of April 2016).

Renault ZOE Features

Ex-factory, all versions of Renault ZOE have called Chameleon charger. The integrated charger allows you to charge the batteries with different capacities from 3.7 to 43 kW AC via a charging port. In addition, all Renault ZOE factory equipped with the multimedia system Renault R-Link with online connectivity, including the navigation system Carminat TomTom ZE LIVE. This special “Electric-Navi” shows the nearest charging stations and calculates with each route the action radius possible with a battery charge. The Renault ZOE driver also keeps the current battery power, the remaining battery life, the charging status, etc. via a smartphone, mobile phone or PC in the view with the likewise networked service My ZE Connect. The standard equipment also includes a Bluetooth radio with AUX and USB interfaces for coupling mobile phones or external music players.

Renault Charging System

The Renault ZOE , charging system supports various power ratings up to 43 kW AC in the vehicle version Q210 and up to 22 kW in the version R240. This maximum power that can traction battery in 30 minutes is charged at 43 kW to 80%. With a 22 kW load, the energy accumulator is charged to 80 percent after one hour. It can also be charged with 11 kW. With 3.7 kW the complete charging process takes seven to nine hours. However, a will for the charging wall charger with connection for the charger plug type 2 required.

It is recommended to install the supplied wall charging station on site, but mobile solutions are also available from third parties, although not all of them meet the ZE-Ready standard required by Renault. The charge on a Notladekabel with In-Cable Control Box from a standard wall outlet with about 2.5 kW is also possible. The charging system adapted to high charging capacities generates comparatively high losses when charging with the emergency charging cable. The Renault ZOE, efficiency is then about 70 percent.

Renault ZOE Energy Storage

The Traktionsakkumulator of Renault ZOE was originally from partner Nissan are supplied and the same cells as the Nissan Leaf will receive. In July 2012, Renault ZOE was revealed that not originally planned to the traction battery of the South Korean LG Group is made. Renault ZOE change made changes to the system software necessary to delay the start of production.

Renault ZOE Range 2016

Renault ZOE Range 2016