Renault Sandero

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Renault Sandero (also known as Dacia Sandero) is five-door hatchback B-Class is built on the chassis of Logan, is not formally part of the family of Logan. Has in-plant index B90. Different shortened to 2,591 mm wheelbase and another appearance, solved in the spirit Renault Scenic.

The Sandero is a model developed by Renault and its Romanian subsidiary Dacia, targeting especially the developing markets of the European and Latin American East. The car is based on the M0 platform, the same used by Clio European III and Renault Logan, and despite being a hatchback, is positioned in a market segment up Logan, Model from which it derives. From various angles, it may be noted that the Sandero has a design clearly inspired by that of the European Clio III. Both cars also have very similar external dimensions. However, the Clio III is much more refined in terms of finishing, in addition to having more comfort and safety equipment.

The Brazilian Sandero was re-stylized in 2011, receiving a front inspired by the European Clio III. The Stepway version was also re-stylized. The rear has received slight modifications and has earned letters in the style of Fluence. The interior has better finishes and the model has gained the option of four-speed automatic gearbox. The model should inspire future re-stylization at European Sandero. A new generation of Sandero has been on sale since 2012 in Europe and has been sold in Brazil over the Renault brand since July 2014.

Renault Sandero Stepway Model

Less than a year after the launch of Renault Sandero in Brazil, Renault has developed a new Sandero: the Sandero Stepway, which is nothing more than an adventurous version, which Renault treats as a new model. The car has an off-road appeal, which is passenger cars, with some applique plastic and visual thicker. To differentiate from other versions, the car won more engaging front and rear bumpers, with the front pointing the figure of a bush-breaking, mask-black lights, roof rack, and 16-inch wheels. It also has an optional free sticker with different themes, including Electronic, Flower, GPS, Sport, Street and Tattoo.

Renault Sandero also gained some technical modifications, to be able to better face possible stretches and more “radical” roads, being with the ground height of 185 mm and with larger gauges, a front of 1,504 mm and rear of 1,484 mm. Thus, compared to the normal version, the Stepway was slightly wider, from 1,746 mm to 1,751 mm.

Renault Sandero Engine

The Renault Sandero, only engine option is the 1.6 16v, the same offered in the versions Privilège and Nokia, and one of the most modern propellers of the present time. The launch of Renault aims to face the competitors, as Citroën C3 XTR, Citroën C3 Aircross, Fiat Palio Weekend, Ford Fiesta Trail, VW CrossFox and among other urban adventurers.

Renault Sandero Safety

Renault Sandero sold in Latin America was tested in 2012 by the Latin NCAP institute, which assesses occupant protection in the event of a collision. NCAP tests classify vehicle safety with ratings ranging from 0 to 5 stars. The results with the Sandero Latin without airbag were discouraging, receiving only 1 star in protection for adults and 2 stars in protection for children. The European double-airbag model, tested by Euro NCAP in 2008, Renault Sandero received 3 stars in protection for adults and 4 stars in protection for children.

Renault Sandero Stepway 2017 Egypt

Renault Sandero Stepway 2017 Egypt