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The Opel Meriva is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) engineered and produced by the German manufacturer Opel, from late 2002 to the present. Its first generation was classified as an MPV mini, and a second generation MPV compact. In the United Kingdom, it is called Vauxhall Meriva i-marketed, while in South America, the first generation marketed as the Chevrolet Meriva.

Opel Meriva  A (2002-2010)

The first generation, named the Meriva A, based on the third generation of the Opel Corsa C. It went on sale in late 2002. Like his child, Zafira, the Meriva has a flexible interior, named FlexSpace. Although Opel Meriva  only have 5 seats in two rows, the second row can be moved back and forth, or put down, making a straight platform to expand the trunk space. The second row can accommodate two or three passengers. Two passengers in the mode, different seats and doors from each other much like the front seats. In three passengers mode the back seat looks like a regular one piece seat. Front seat can be pushed fully back when passengers make still more than money in the right leg room. The Opel Meriva was sold in South America (except) from 2002 through 2012 as the Chevrolet Meriva, when it was replaced in 2012 by the Spin Chevrolet. This version is the first co-developed by Opel and General Motors do Brasil. Built in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil.

Opel Meriva  B (2010-Present)

The Opel Meriva B appeared in 2009. This new model 4,288 mm in length, mm 4,052 for the old version was based on the Corsa. The new model uses a revised suspension layout from the earlier version but the floorpan and seven associated Opel Zafira seat Tourer MPV. Within the design and layout of the controls, tools and a higher overall quality of the shows theme offered by the new Astra and Insignia ranges. The larger your Opel Zafira Tourer that debuted at the 2011 in the same shape and look Opel Meriva B.

The new Meriva has been used beyond the more powerful and fundamental to the forward-MPV in its design. Like the Insignia and Astra, a ‘blade’ features down the side of the body, are complementary. line window with the ‘wave’ accentuating the various FlexDoors, allowing panoramic views for rear passengers in the back. The design theme continues in the area’s Meriva, with cues taken from the Insignia and Astra improve the perceived quality of the things.

Opel Meriva Engine

the Meriva from about 5 engines (3 petrol, diesel 2). The 1.7 diesel is only available with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and the 1.4 Turbo (140 PS) and 1.7 (130 hp) are available only with a 6-speed gearbox manual. Since September 2010, more than 2 engines have been available, both diesel – the 1.3 (95 hp) and (130 hp) 1.7. All engines are fuel Ecotec.

From 2011, the Stop / Start added to certain engines [Engines with (S/S) are courageous CO2 column], a cleaner, more powerful 1.7 CDTI Auto were added, and the efficient gasoline engines became a bit more. A gearbox 6-speed automatic in the near future for the 1.4T (120) gasoline engine. . In January 2014, Opel introduced a newly developed engine with Meriva restyled: 1.6 CDTI engine with 95 PS, 110 PS, 136 PS

Opel Meriva  Facelift

At the Opel Meriva  facelifted in 2006, the front and rear ends were revised, and / revised three new engines came with an extra level trim, the IOPC / VXR. Opel Meriva  facelifted version of the world’s premiere was given in Brussels International Motor Show in January 2014.

Opel Meriva 2013

Opel Meriva 2013