Opel Cascada

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The Opel Cascada is a mid-size convertible engineered and manufactured by the automaker Opel German since 2013. Cascada is being sold as the Vauxhall Cascada in the United Kingdom, and as the Opel Cabrio in Spain. It is planned to be launched in New Zealand and Australia  under the marque Holden. The Opel Cascada presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. This model line up consists of ‘SE’ and ‘Elite’. Opel Cascada Elite at the top of the list in the United Kingdom.

Opel Cascada Interior

Inside the Cascada, Opel took his design to a new level. The soft-touch dashboard with contrasting stitching gives the Cascada a very elegant look and feel, and it seems that the flow of power between the two door panels, thanks to the careful crafting. The front seats are contoured, so they seem to fall into when you sit down and wrap firmly around you without being overbearing. You can have these chairs wrapped in embossed fabrics or leather. For the more discerning patron, can go to the ergonomic Appa leather seating – available with heating and ventilation.

Access to the rear seats in the breeze, using the Easy Entry system’s Opel, was never more in the release mechanism. Speaking of the seats in place, and again at 50:50 split via Flex Fold’s Opel, including the issuance of electronic wheelchair. Drivers and passengers that they like to bring together many of the things we have, the Opel Cascada offers up to seven storage throughout the cabin. These compartments include, but only: one on each door, one under the instrument panel and between the front seats. Middle seats are made possible because of the Opel Cascada comes standard with an electric parking brake.

Opel Cascada Exterior

The Opel Cascada hood features a collection of five great to give him something to look rather aggressive from the front end. All the major start facing the center of the nose of the vehicle and shot outward, and the ridges of the outermost meet the A-pillar, giving hood a near flawless look. Shallow-raked front glass The Opel Cascada helps usher Walking up and over the roof. Speaking of the roof, the company took great care in framing up a long time ago gave us the low slung look that allows air to flow easily over it. The roof is also designed to handle the temperamental weather, as the central features of polyester fleece outer inner Bangs act as both a protective than the outside temperature and a wealth of sounds – often many convertible owners. Often these convertibles full-size look great with the top down, but if you put the top up, they lose all their charm. Opel is designed to profile the top, this car looks sexy with the top up or down. Then again, that the stellar side profile with top up or down could also be attributed to the swooping waistline and ankle line that now adorn the side profile Opel Cascada.

Opel Cascada Engine

The Opel Cascada has a new turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder Gasoline Medium Engine Spark ignition Direct Injection technology, which reduces fuel use and allows higher torque results. The engine produces 170 PS (125 kW) of power and 280 N·m (207 lbf · ft) of torque between 1650-3200 rpm. The other two engines include the 1.4 L Family 0 petrol with 120 PS (88 kW) and 140 PS (103 kW) both with 200 NM (220 NM with overboost) with 2.0 L CDTI diesel with 165 PS (121 kW) and 380 N · m (280 lbf · ft).

Opel Cascada Coupe

Opel Cascada Coupe