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Mitsubishi has built its brand in the United States with a selection of cars and SUVs that tend to offer above-average performance and the style. The parent company has its roots in producing the commercial vehicles for its home market, Japan.  A Japanese word meaning 3 diamonds, Mitsubishi was founded in by Yataro Kwasaki, a descendant of samurai, in early 1870. Initial focus of the company was in shipping, but quickly diversified into areas such as the repair of mining and ship. In 1917, Mitsubishi introduced the Model A, first passenger car in series production in Japan.

It was not until 1960, with the launch of the compact Mitsubishi 500, company began producing passenger the vehicles on a large scale. That decade also saw the release of other Mitsubishi light passenger vehicles like the 360 Van and 360 Pickup. The company also distinguished himself in the head during this decade, taking top honors in the Grand Prix of Japan.

Arm Mitsubishi production car was officially split into own business with the establishment of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in 1970. Colt Company made ​​its way to American shores in 1971, the same year that Chrysler bought a 15 percent in the new company. However, the Colt is not sold under the Mitsubishi name, but rather under the Dodge brand, which reflects Chrysler’s interest in the company. At the end of the decade, Mitsubishi was producing over 1 million vehicles per year.

In 1982, Mitsubishi began to sell cars in the U.S. under his own name. Through the 80s featuring a wide variety of cars to the states, including the subcompact Mirage, turbocharged sports car and Galant sedan midsize Starion. Mitsubishi hit its stride in the ’90s, thanks to the popularity of the sport coupe and Eclipse 3000GT sports car in the USA and turbocharged Lancer Evolution in other parts of the world.

Chrysler made ​​the most of their partnership, as it uses Mitsubishi platforms on many of its models. The Eclipse, in particular, was an essential vehicle produced by Diamond Star Motors partnership. In 1998, the Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz to become Daimler Chrysler. Mitsubishi’s partnership with Daimler Chrysler continued for some years, but gave over financial 2003.

The new millennium has been a struggle for Mitsubishi. Their vehicles have grown stale with consumers and sales have faltered. At one point the company was forced to admit that he had systematically covered vehicle defects in Japan. On the positive side, however, compact, high-performance sedan of the company, the Lancer Evolution has been a continued success in the United States. Looking ahead, Mitsubishi plans to revitalize its brand by developing green cars that are still fun to drive.

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