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Land Rover is a luxury SUV manufacturer that has its roots in England. Many of their vehicles are equipped with the kind of leather-lined comforts that remind hunting lodges and tea. Land Rover are also known for being stellar trail-busters, endowed with the courage to get down and dirty when the going gets tough. Currently owned by Tata Motors, Land Rover is one of only a few brands of cars in the U.S. to market products exclusively SUV.  After the Second World War, two British brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks, were impressed by the robust and versatile nature of U.S. Army Jeep. Worked with the British automaker Rover to create the first Land Rover in 1948 . Called the Series I, this truck was equipped with permanent four-wheel drive, the canvas roof and optional doors. These first Land Rover was rough but well suited for field operations.

The 1950s saw Land Rovers move towards greater power and refinement. Launched in 1958, the Series II offers additional power and a little less rudimentary exterior, with the sills designed to disguise exhaust and chassis. Rover’s first diesel engine was also produced during these years. The IIA Series came next, in a production run that lasted from 1961 t0 1971. As the ’60s ended, Rover was bought by Leyland Motors Ltd. (later to become British Leyland).

Flats Land Rover Range Rover made ​​its debut in 1970. Equipped with the V8 engine and a body made ​​mostly of aluminum, stylish vehicle that was more consumer-oriented of his predecessors. In the mid 70s, British Leyland was nationalized; mid-80s, the company – renamed Rover Group – had been acquired by British Aerospace.  The automaker officially entered the U.S. auto market in 1987, when the Range Rover made ​​its debut on American shores. It was followed in 1989 by discovery, which was initially offered only in the form of two doors. The discovery was the first new Land Rover in 19 years.  In the 1990s, the sudden popularity of the burgeoning SUV segment sets the mark in an enviable position. In response, the Land Rover vehicles, while retaining its go anywhere attitude, became more luxurious, especially after BMW bought the company in 1995.

The Land Rover family of vehicles has been growing. The late 90s saw the introduction of the Freelander; the agreement of the sport-ute held the distinction of being the first production vehicle to offer Hill Descent Control. The final optimized maneuverability on steep descents by automatically braking to keep the vehicle speed under control.  Control BMW was short lived, however, and in 2000 Land Rover was sold to Ford. Ford worked hard to improve the reliability of Land Rover vehicles, but in 2008 the financial instability resulted in Ford Land Rover sold again, this time for the Indian automaker Tata Motors.  Today, the Land Rover is still known for its luxury SUVs, including the luxurious Range Rover but durable as well as smaller and more affordable models like the LR4 and Evoque.

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