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Jeep is a brand of American cars is a division of Chrysler Group LLC, a subsidiary fully owned of Italian multinational automaker Fiat SpA The former Chrysler Corporation acquired a new Jeep, and the remaining goods STI owner of American Motors, in 1987, the current product range of Jeep‘s contains only of sport utility vehicles and offroad vehicles, but the pickup has been included in the past.

The first Willys MB Coups were produced in 1941, making it oldest offroad vehicle ever, and the first models used by the public in 1945 revealed Were It inspired several other vehicles crashed into a light,: such as Land Rover. The Original Jeep invented the first car as an example Bantam BRC became the primary light 4-wheeldrive vehicle of the United States Army soldiers during World War II, and, after the war. Many Jeep variants serving like military and civilian roles have since created other nations Been.

Jeep root in WWII as the nowiconic four-wheeldrive military vehicle produced by Ford and WillysOverland for the U.S. Army. The origin of the name is somewhat of a mystery; Is that the popular belief it morphed from GP” or general purpose,” although some have suggested that the nickname is derived from a character featured in the people strip comic of the time. In the mid1940s saw the introduction of the first Jeep used by the public, the CJ 2A. It gave you want more features not available on other versions of the military,: like a tailgate, an external fuel cap a spare tire sidemounted, and targeted especially at the end of the farmers and construction workers.

Coups used by the public caught on With the public, and by the 1950s, the new models: as the CJ3B and CJ5 had then. The CJ 5 If the production run for a long time in the car Jeep, ITS continue for 30 years after the introduction in the early 50s. The company changed owners During the decade as the WillysOverland was sold to Kaiser in 1953.

Jeep broke new ground in 1960 and debut of STI Wagoneer. Is intended for active families, the early Suv was the first fourwheeldrive vehicle Equipped with an automatic transmission. A new Dauntless” V6 as an option found on the CJ5 and 6 CJ in 1965 This was the first time a Jeep CJ That can be equipped with a V6. Packing 155 horsepower, horsepower engine almost twice that offered by the standard four-cylinder.

By the 1970s, the Jeep HAD changed ownership again, and the purchase of KaiserJeep by American Motors Corporation. New models like the CJ7 and Scrambler If rolled out. In addition, the company launched a new technology With the introduction of fullautomatic system for the first time four-wheeldrive world. Dept. QuadraTrác, it is available on the CJ 7 and the fullsize Jeep trucks and wagons. During this decade, the fortunes of Jeep‘s on the rise as cars and fourwheeldrive became increasingly popular, and a great American consumers.

The 1980 saw the introduction of the Cherokee and Wrangler. The Cherokee was one of the first of a new breed of SUVs highpassenger midsize cars skyrocketed in popularity as the decade progressed. The Wrangler CJ series in 1987 and Preferred gave the green to the operation of the CJ and additional comfort features. That year saw the purchase of American Motors by Chrysler, Jeep With brands becoming part of the Jeep / Eagle division of Chrysler‘s. One of the popular Jeep models the Grand Cherokee debuted for 1993 This handsome, midsize Suv offered a reduced preferred more comfort and luxury than the smaller Cherokee stout while providing offroad capability.

Jeep fell under the umbrella of Daimler Chrysler after Chrysler and DaimlerBenz merged in 1998 with This resulted in several new models,: as Liberty and Compass, or no Were we can achieve great sales success. In 2007, he sold the Daimler Chrysler Group a private equity firm. Now under the control of Fiat. Recently, the company has also added a couple of enticing models to STI (including a fourdoor version of the Jeep Wrangler and the pavementscorching Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8) and made ​​a lot of performance and quality improvement under the hoods and inside cabins. As such, not only for the Jeep Save a group of loyal customers, but will bring new followers and fold.

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