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Jaguar Cars is a brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a the British multinational car manufacturer headquartered in Whitley, the Coventry, England, owned by the Tata Motors from 2008 Jaguar was founded as Swallow sidecar company in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before developing passenger cars. The name was changed to the Jaguar after World War II to avoid negative connotations of the initials SS. Sale to The British Motor Corporation followed in 1966, the company is now resulting in enlarged as British Motor Holdings (BMH), which in 1968 merged with Leyland Motor Corporation and became British Leyland, to the government in 1975.

Jaguar was de-merged from British Leyland was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1984, becoming a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index until it was acquired by Ford in 1990, Jaguar has, in recent years, vehicles manufactured for the British Prime Minister, the provision of the latest XJ in May 2010 the company also holds warrants from the royal Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Jaguar cars today are designed in engineering institutions Jaguar Land Rover’s at Whitley plant in Coventry and at their Gaydon site in Warwickshire, and are manufactured in Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich assembly plant in Birmingham and some of the manufacturing is expected to take place in Solihull plant.

In September 2013 Jaguar Land Rover announced plans to open a GBP 100 million (160 million USD) research and development center at the University of Warwick, Coventry to create the new generation of vehicle technology. The carmaker said around 1,000 academics, engineers and employment and that construction would start in 2014

Jaguar Motorsport

The company has been a great success in sports car racing, particularly 24 Hours Le Mans victory came in 1951 and 1953 and the C-Type, then in 1955, 1956 and 1957 and the D-Type. The manager of the team racing this season, Lofty England, later became CEO of Jaguar in the early 1970. Although the XJ13 prototype was built in the mid-1960s it was never raced, and the famous race for many years and then left.

In 1982, a successful relationship with TWR team Tom Walkinshaw’s got XJ-S competition in the European Touring Car Championship, which it won in 1984 In 1985, the TWR XJ-S won the Bathurst 1000 race. During the 1980 TWR began designing and preparing Jaguar V12-Ned Group C cars for World Sports instance Championship races. The team started winning regularly since 1987, and won Le Mans 1988 and 1990 and Xjr series of sports cars. The Jaguar Xjr-14 was the last XJRs victory, taking the 1991 World Sportscar Championship.

In the 1999, Ford decided that Jaguar would be the corporation’s Formula One entry. Ford bought out the Milton Keynes-based Stewart Grand Prix team and rebranded it as Jaguar Racing for the 2000 season Jaguar F1 program was not a success, however, achieving two podium finishes in five seasons competition between 2000 and 2004 at the end of 2004, and the increasing costs and profit Ford ‘s dwindling, the F1 team seemed unnecessary costs and was sold to Red Bull energy drinks owner Dietrich Mateschitz, and the Red Bull Racing. Since 2004 Jaguar has not had the availability of the official in More.

Electric Cars

Lotus Cars joined Jaguar, Mira Ltd and Caparo on a luxury hybrid executive sedan project called “Limo-Green” -funded by the UK Government Technology Strategy Board. The car will be a plug-in series hybrid.

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