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GMC is a division of General Motors that focuses on the production of SUVs, trucks and vans. Although GMC vehicles regions related mechanically similar to the Chevrolet products, they are often the difference by unique the features, trim level and the minor styling tweaks. The automaker’s full-size pickup and the  SUVs are the most important contributions in its application. In many cases, the products in these categories there is a class-leading.

The roots marque lies in the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, a manufacturer, a truck that was founded by Max Grabowski in 1902. This outfit was purchased by General Motors in 1909 for the purpose of having it serve as a division dedicated to building tough trucks and capable. The brand came to be called GMC Truck; the original models include the T16 and T20. Most of the designer trucks were very utilitarian in nature and works as dump trucks, fire trucks and military vehicles. GMC Truck 3/4-ton Model 16’s saw service in World War I, serving mainly as a military ambulance.

Sales continued to climb in the 1920s. After a six-cylinder motor built Buick, 1 GMC Truck – and 2-ton trucks had the distinction of being the fastest in their classes. By the ’30s, the list had grown to include everything from half-ton pickups to 10-ton trucks and buses. New models popular 1936 Suburban, which is essential for a truck-based station wagon that paired Utility’s truck and the car’s creature comforts.

World War II was a time of expansion for GMC Truck, due to its Yellow Truck & Coach. Once again, the cars and the automaker were tapped for wartime duty. Models like the Jimmy and DUKW (nicknamed the Duck) were more American soldiers.

After the war, GMC Truck models become more consumer-oriented and developed to offer many styling sounds more like passenger cars. In the 1950s and ’60s saw an upswing in sales, due to the popularity of recreational vehicles such as GMC-based motor homes and pickup campers. Jimmy’s name was revived and allocated to the first ever sport-utility vehicle of the brand in 1970. That and the next decade saw continued growth in the popularity of the brand.

The early ’90s saw a brief look Syclone and Typhoon. The former was a small van that burned up the asphalt road and its turbocharged V6 and all-wheel drive. The latter was essentially an SUV two-door based on the same platform. Either one of these speedsters oddball could rip through the quarter-mile in around 14 seconds flat, making them among the fastest cars ever offered by General Motors. And, this time, GMC Truck trimmed its moniker; the brand is now known simply as the GMC.  GM has intensified its products and GMC trucks have become a bit because of the individual. Today, most cars GMC’s probably similar to those sold by Chevrolet.

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