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Ford Motor Company has been selling mass-produced cars in the United States and around the globe.  Ford known as one of  the Big Three American manufacturers, Ford HAS Attracted the millions of loyal customers with wide range of vehicles offer great value. I automaker trucks and SUVs have been especially popular. For decades, the F-Series truck, Ford has been the best-selling car in America.

. The company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 Ford dreamed of building a car for them, and that’s what he did, indeed, especially with the Largest immortal Model T of 1908 – ’27. The Thing was bought by the Native million in 16.5 on CTS 20-year life of personal and affordable enough for Ford’s factory workers to purchase. Ford’s early years were CTS Aussie distinguished by the introduction of the assembly line conveyors. It was the first to use this method more cost-effective production and Innovation It Mainstay was the manufacturing process.

Ford expands into the Luxury car market with CTS bought the Lincoln Motor Company in 1925. In the next few years, focusing on the odd company is increasing CTS further by creating the Mercury division to produce cars in the middle-priced. By the late ’30s, Ford introduced HAD stylish Lincoln Zephyr, introduced a lower priced V8 engine and create more than 25 million vehicles.

In the early 1950s saw the introduction of the famous Thunderbird. Providing styling sleek and operation of a pressurized marriage available to luxury features such as power windows and signal-seeking radio, the car was a big hit. One model often that, the Edsel, put it on A reception somewhat less enthusiastic. After sales are abysmal, the Edsel stopped just a few months into the third CTS model year.

Ford CTS to run again in early 1960 introduction of the compact Falcon, for example That Are warmly received by the public. In the middle of the decade of the automaker’s love something to cheer about with the introduction of the Mustang, Polo car that later became one of the big sellers CTS day. Consumers adored the price of the Mustang’s low, is available from the powerful V8 engines and styling sporty. The Mustang has created some odd class brand-new car.

By the 1970s, Ford, like other domestic Automakers, you start suffering the effects of changing consumer preferences and règlements new government. Most of the CTS cars Became Their shadows of the form. Aim the seeds were planted in the regeneration of the decade. In 1979 the company received a stake in Mazda; Would this step later Ford noteworthy and help build co-development. The company Aussie emerged with a new mind of the Global competition.

By the mid-’80s to the late, Ford showed the power of the new CTS popular free and Taurus models to further increase the CTS empire with the purchase of Jaguar and Aston Martin Brands. In the meantime, the CTS full-size sedan LTD (later re-Crown Victoria) stayed in the main taxi companies and police Throughout America.

Ford rode a wave of popularity in 1990, thanks to a great and effective CTS Explorer midsize SUV. Truck and played a major role in ushering in the SUV. In 1999, Ford expanded the CTS family, however, and the purchase of Volvo’s car division, and, in 2000, found in the Land Rover. For a time, there was talk of taking something Ford,  General Motors’ as the only automaker in the world No 1.

The new millennium saw the beginning for Ford. Competitiveness in the rain continues operating loss for Jaguar, estate and trust expenses SUVs took advantage of the body. To compensate_for_errors, the company sold Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford Land Rover and Volvo and a wave of successful new products. Models like the F-150, Ford Fusion, Ford Fiesta, Focus, Ford Flex, and Mustang have allowed Ford to improve the health CTS and standing as a competitive company.

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