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Chrysler is regarded as a part of the Big Three, the title refers to the traditional triumvirate of domestic automakers. The accuracy of this section is now open for debate, but there’s no debating the fact that the Chrysler experience a revival of sorts in the past few years.  Chrysler Corporation was founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, electronic observed; he would have purchased the Maxwell Motor Corporation of Detroit and used it as the basis for his new company. The automaker quickly gained a reputation for advanced engineering. In 1928, the Chrysler Corporation expanded with purchase of Dodge and the creation of the DeSoto and Plymouth divisions.

1930 saw the Chrysler looking boldly toward the future with the introduction of its travel changes. Powered by a row of 8 front-mounted, was one of the first car to be designed with aerodynamics in mind, and is featured lines swooping and a prominent grille.  Chrysler shined after the war. Time in the late 1940s, and even surpassed Ford as the No. 2 U.S. automaker. Storied “Hemi” V8 engine company debuted in 1951. Delivering 180 horsepower, a significant improvement over the V8 Chrysler’s 135-hp in the past. Hemi engine had to trounce the V8 offered by Cadillac, Chrysler’s rival, and kick-started Detroit’s horsepower race of the 1950s and ’60s. The ’50s also saw DEBUT precious of Chrysler Classics like the Town handsome and Country and 300C sleek.

By 1961, Chrysler had trimmed its line of products by dropping the nameplate DeSoto. New technology also afoot, such as the construction of the body (Chrysler was the first of the Big Three to launch it) and instead of electricity alternators for the car’s charging system. The latter part of the ’60s, Chrysler was deeply involved with Oscar and produce performance-oriented vehicles.

However, at the same time, the dark clouds were gathering. As with other domestic automakers, 1970 proved to be a difficult decade because of the oil crisis, the government’s new laws and changing consumer tastes. A more expensive overseas and the success of some of the company’s hard line below. By the late ’70s, the company in such financial disarray that petitioned the government for $ 1.5 billion in loan guarantees to save it from bankruptcy.

As impressive campaign by then-chairman Lee Iacocca, dedut of well-received K-car platform and the creation of the modern Minivan public, sales were much better in the mid-’80s. Government loan was paid off seven years early. More attention in 1980 with the purchase of Chrysler’s of American Motors Corporation (which netted the company brand Jeep) and the joint venture Mitsubishi is known as Diamond Star Motors.

The success continued through the early 1990. In 1998, based German Daimler-Benz merged with Chrysler to form DaimlerChrysler. At the time, the deal was a merger of equals. But it soon became apparent that there was more to purchase, and Daimler being a top.

Less than a decade later, that merger was gone, as Daimler sold Chrysler (Dodge) on a private-equity firm in 2007. However, that merger had borne fruit for the better, especially for the majority of the Chrysler 300 full-size sedan. The second is shared by other parts of the chassis with an older platform Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Thus, the 300 was a highlight for Chrysler with a pleasingly solid feeling to drive its Dynamics that was further sweetened with an available powerful V8 engine. But soon after the split, the American economy slide into economic growth. Because of poor sales and debt, Chrysler had to announce you think the government intervened loan redemption. Finally Chrysler came under the control of Fiat Italy.

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Today, the program has been pared down to a pair of dancing, a convertible and Minivan. However, after having submitted the most significant drop in the midsize car category, Chrysler made major improvements in the game, the design and quality of its midsize sedan race the 200. 300 The recent decision also stands as a key without a full size sedan. However, it remains to be seen whether this and future product releases will be enough to restore the company to its former glory.