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Buick, Owned by General Motors and is one of the oldest brands in this country with a rich tradition of innovation dating back to the beginning of the century. Although always known for serving customers of retirement age with full-size sedans, the line now includes Sport Sedan and SUV designed for younger buyers in showrooms Buick dealerships.

The company was founded in 1903 by David Dunbar Buick, the Scottish industrialist. He built his first car in 1904, called the Model B had a two-cylinder engine with advanced design to your head OHV time. In 1907, Buick introduced its first production car’s four-cylinder, dubbed the Model D. The following year, the Buick Motor Company based in Flint, Michigan, was bought by William C. Durant as part of a new company called General Motors. By 1914, all were built with Buick six-cylinder engines and primarily bought by upper-class professionals, thus earning the nickname “Car of the physician.”

The manufacturer proved to be a pioneer in the 1920s when it introduced the brakes on all four wheels. This technology had seen before -made cars, but Buick was the first to discover how to successfully apply to vehicles produced in series. Eight-cylinder cars, Buick emerged in the 1930s and became immensely popular, these advanced engines received constant improvements over several years. The 30s also saw the introduction of the first Buick rear turn signal industry to use an exhibitionist.

Models like the Estate Wagon and the ever popular Roadmaster Buicks remained happily installed on roads across the country in 1940. In 1948, the Buick introduced Dynaflow, the first automatic transmission torque converter type offered in the U.S. Passenger cars. The years 1950 and 1960 witnessed continuing to expand Buick ahead of the curve, but it was one of the first to offer vehicles with power brakes and steering, electrical systems and 12 volts. The brand was also behind the introduction of the first engine of a passenger car in America V6 and introduced the personal luxury coupe Riviera in the early 60s.

In general, however, Buick had made his name as a manufacturer of stately land yachts as the Electra 225. To cope with the changing times, the automaker cut its full-time models and medium size in the 1970s and began offering compact and midsize sedans of the 1980s. During this last period, and in the 90s, Buick changed things by introducing the muscle car Regal Grand National and Reatta luxury coupe and convertible. But its main product remains luxury sedans intended for an older audience.

2017 Buick SUV

2017 Buick SUV

Today, Buick specializes in sedans and crossover SUVs and is changing its philosophy in hopes of attracting younger buyers. The Luxury class is still common themes, but the newer models have European influences in its dynamic handling and ride. As such, many modern Buicks, as provided Verano compact sedan more driving fun and contemporary style that people can expect from this nameplate old.