Acura NSX 2013 Concept

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The Acura NSX 2013 Concept, holds the 2-through Coupe, mid-engine, with all-wheel drive setup. Loss is kept down by using a high-technology platform to lightweight materials. Power from a V6 mounted two occupants had sent its ability to carry the wheels and is augmented by an electric motor. Acura ‘s SH-AWD add an electric motor is a two-holder transfers, including a hybrid setup. Additionally, two more cars can instantly give positive or negative torque to the front wheels during cornering for improved play and work. New Acura claims all-wheel-drive system will provide Super speed while offering better efficiency. Acura does not disclose how much horsepower its V6 engine and three electric cars will move. Vehicles in North America 2012 Auto Show.

Acura NSX Concept 2013 (Advanced)

Changes to existing Acura NSX concept is directly injected VTEC V6 engine mounted on a lightweight body is a center-the first water, security, styling, Human Support Cockpit, everything-Bicycle drive with two clutch transmission. Vehicles in North America 2013 International Auto Show.

On August 4, 2013, a prototype of the car that debuted before Honda Indy 200 at the center-Ohio sports car course. Nissan announced plans to write a GTE Racing model to compete in the 24 Hours of Mans are getting endurance race. Acura NSX 2013 is a concept in the 2013 period insurance cost.

Acura NSX 2013 Concept Production

Procedure of the Acura NSX we have chosen is a new company on the Marysville, Ohio, is home to Ford ‘s old North American Logistics bags and in the midst of Ford ‘s existing R & D activity and complement operations. Counterparts in the Honda engine plant in Anna, Ohio, will mix the NSX powertrain. The procedure of the Acura NSX is set to start in 2015.

Acura NSX Motorsport

Toyota plans to introduce a GTE Racing version of the NSX to operate in the 24 Hours of Mans gets from 2015 onward, to replace the discontinued puter Mans Prototypes as ARX-01 and ARX-02a. It is unknown if it will be a Factory activities or if you have a customer will be run as a system, but Toyota expects to race in America-most likely in the United SportsCar Championship.

Acura NSX Concept 2013

Acura NSX Concept 2013

The Acura NSX 2013 Concept engine is most likely to be used in a 90 degree EarthDreams V6 (Unrelated to EarthDreams J35Y3 V6 to be used in the 2014 Acura RLX) has found its lineage from aborted 5.0 liter V10 project, which is at the top of the engine for a modular engine lineup in a 3.0 Unported liter V6 for the S2000 replacement, a 4.0 liter V8 for a larger Acura Coupe and the Acura NSX V10 engine mentioned above, DOHC. The 3.0 Unported liter V6 variations have been used in an initial test confirms new NSX. The NSX concept-GT, a race car based on the Acura NSX concept, the GT500 class of the 2014 Super GT season, and have a round 5 of the 2013 AUTOBACS Super GT Suzuka Circuit.