2019 Buick Enclave

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The 2019 Buick Enclave is a three-row SUV with seats for seven. The each Buick Enclave 2020 trim’s body mixes with a pair of mid-line leaders and a seat in the third row. The back seat, a comfortable passenger space, and whisper-quiet home create a comfortable atmosphere. The 2019 GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave are both made by GM and share a lot of similarities, but these two cars are not the same SUV with different names. Enclave comes standard with a more powerful engine, a third-row seating, and a larger cargo space than the Acadia. These qualities are partly why Enclave places so high in our midsize SUV rankings. However, if these perks are not important to you, consider purchasing Acadia instead of saving big money.

2019 Buick Enclave Interior

Inside, the 2019 Enclave’s LATCH trim features top and bottom straps to secure the rear seats. To provide easy access to the third row, a Smart Slide second-row passenger can go forward even when the car is facing the seat. The interior of the 2019 Enclave is fit (for the most part) to the best car, high-end Chevrolet Traverse or SUV from luxury brands like Acura and Lincoln. However, with some low-cost components, the Buick does not compete with the values ​​of the Audi. Starting with a temperature of 23.6 cubic feet behind the third row, the Enclave has more cargo space than most midsize SUVs. The hands-free features feature a power lift and a power-folding third-row seat option for added convenience when loading.

The 2019 Buick Enclave technology in the Enclave covers almost every element you can think of. In addition to the standard features you may want to consider, every Enclave includes high-level integration between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Make-in high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity is also standard, as are Siri Eye Free and satellite radio. The 6 USB ports are poured throughout the SUV, offering a premium charge for most, if not all of your family members.

2019 Buick Enclave Performance

Enclave likes the overhaul. In this way, it performs exceptionally well, assisted by a V6 engine and a nine-speed automatic that is highly respectable and polished in most situations. The 310-horsepower layout was able to accelerate down the lane and on the highway. According to the EPA, the Police earn 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. That’s the fuel economy available for a regular midsize SUV. With all-wheel drive, all measurements fall by 1 mpg. The Enclave has advanced control over the body roll, without making you feel broken on the road. All levels of training come from the standard with front wheel drive; all-wheel drive is available in all models but the base cuts.

2019 Buick Enclave Safety

The 2019 Enclave has a five-of-five-star all-weather rating by the Air Traffic Safety Administration. He earned five stars in the side collision category and four stars in both the front-row and the championship. No crash test is available at the Insurance Center for Safety Insurance.

2019 Buick Enclave Premium

2019 Buick Enclave Premium

The 2019 Enclave comes standard with a rear view camera and rear parking sensors. An array of extra safety features, including a 360-degree rear-view camera, rear-view camera, blind-spot, lane change, car alarm reverse, front collision warning, quick collision braking, all- automatic emergency braking, front passenger brake, following distance signals , The 2019 Buick Enclave safety alarm, automatic headlights, lane keeping, lane departure warning, front parking brake, and cruise control.