2018 Hummer H1

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2018 Hummer H1 is a four-wheel drive vehicle based on the M998 Humvee by AM General. Hummer H1 2018 originally designed for military use, the field vehicle was introduced to the civil market due to market demand. Hummer H1 was originally known as “Hummer”. In a 1999 contract, however, GM bought marketing rights to the name Hummer and named the Hummer H1 the vehicle.

GM is marketing the Hummer H2, which is also being assembled by AM General on a modified GMC 2500HD chassis. AM General continued to build the H1 and Humvee at his plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. GM has stopped marketing the H1 in the 2006 model year, but AM General continued to produce the military Humvee versions. The Hummer H1 became famous for the pictures released during Operation Desert Storm and the enthusiastic campaign of actor-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hummer H1 2018

Hummer H1 2018

AM General was announced that 2006 will be the last Hummer H1 model year, with a production result in June 2006 due to a new emission allowance for diesel vehicles, which came into force in 2007. The latest model has strongest engine and improved fuel efficiency

2018 Hummer H1  Specifications

2018 Hummer H1  is available in three main variants: a convertible-style soft top, a four-door sport utility truck and an “alpha wagon” body. Less well-known variants were a double-door baker and a four-door slope, which has the same Humvee body style in the service of the US military ministry.


The convertible top and the T-model version were the last available types for individual consumers. Currently there are five engine types and three automatic transmissions in Hummer H1.

2018 Hummer H1 Features

The Hummer H1 has other special features such as internal tire brakes and gate operators, which allow the drive shaft half shafts a higher position to achieve greater ground clearance. The radiator is high, diagonally across the engine on a preventive hood. The air intake is a high mountain so that the H1 can facilitate Ford’s tap water. Instead of simple running tires, magnesium-aluminum alloy or rubber inserts are optional run-flat capability.

2018 Hummer H1 Alpha

The “Alpha” was a comprehensive redesigned H1 equipped with GM Duraxx diesel and 5-speed Allison transmissions. The previous version of the H1 with the 6.5L “Optimizer” turbo diesel engine experience from bad sales; A lack of energy was one of the reasons for customer resistance.

Hummer H1 2018

Hummer H1 2018

2018 Hummer H1 Interior

2018 Hummer H1 Interior

The Duramax engine was equipped with cooled exhaust gas circulation and an internal engine oil cooler, reducing engine fuel by 40%. Since the distance between the air ducts that protrude from the hood is limited, the fan system has been changed by placing it directly under the cooling deck and driving it directly from the crankshaft pulley through a special gearbox. Several other modifications to the cooling system were needed to support the cold start of -34°C (-30°F).

Other important changes include the use of special high-strength steel in the chassis, a stronger steering wheel; Styler Asbestos, redesigned accelerated hubs to use quiet helicopter transmissions, new induction, exhaust and electric power systems; and redesign of the fuel supply and filter system. The Duramax engine has more torque at lower engine speeds than the 6.5-liter engine. In combination with a lower gear ratio, the 2018 Hummer H1 became stronger, other changes include the central tire filling and a new interior.