2017 Volvo V40

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2017 Volvo V40 is a car produced by Volvo, the all-new Volvo V40 was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. The new 2017 Volvo V40 is a completely newly designed five-door compact mid-range hatchback and will stir in the BMW 1 Series , the Audi A3 And the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The Volvo V40 replaces the Volvo S40 , the Volvo V50 and the Volvo C30.

Volvo V40 2017 is available with three diesel and three gasoline engines. The top version, a 2.5 liter petrol engine with turbocharger, has a power of 187kW (254pk). A starting stop system is standard like a brake energy recovery system. There is a manual gearbox as well as a vending machine available. The Geneva Motor Show in spring 2016 was presented to lightly redesigned Volvo V40. The headlamps were changed to the style of the other collection, as did the front grille. Five new exterior colors were available, and the upholstery options were also renewed.

2017 Volvo V40 Engine

The 2017 Volvo V40 engine range consisted of two gasoline and three diesel engine options. The petrol engines were Ford’s 1.6-liter (150/180 hp) EcoBoost and Volvo’s own 2.5-liter (254 hp) T5. The diesels were Ford’s 1.6-liter (115 hp) Duratorq and 2.0-liter Volvo D3 (150 hp) and D4 (177 hp).

For the Model Year 2014, Volvo introduced new four-cylinder Drive-E engines, whose emissions and fuel consumption are much lower than before. Gasoline options are now 1.5L T2 (122 hp) and T3 (152 hp) and 2.0-liter T5 (245 hp). Diesel, in turn, is 2.0-liter D2 (120 hp), D3 (150 hp) and D4 (190 hp). Instead of a six-speed manual transmission, the D4 can be equipped with eight-speed automatic transmission, which is standard on T5 models. For other engines, you get a six-speed manual or automaat.

The 2017 V40 also introduced a more cross country version of the terrain. It is separated from the raised platform, 19-inch wheels and buffer bays. Cross Country’s engine options are T3 (152 hp), T4 (190 hp), T5 (245 hp), D2 (120 hp), D3 (150 hp) and D4 (190 hp). T4 and T5 are four-wheel drive and automatic transmission.

Volvo V40 Cross Country

The Volvo V40 Cross Country is a version of the V40 that is 40 millimeters higher on the wheels and has a heavier bodywork. It’s not a true SUV and is called Volvo’s new naming strategy, not XC40 but Volvo V40 Cross Country. The XC add-on uses Volvo in the future for SUVs. Cross Country serves as an indicator for all-road versions of the hatchbacks and station wagons.

2017 Volvo V40 Cross Country

2017 Volvo V40 Cross Country

The maximum wheel size is 19 inches. The 2017 V40 front is recognizable by the honeycomb grille and matt black under bumper with standing daytime running lights.

2017 Volvo V40 Safety

A special feature is the pedestrian airbag. The Volvo V40 is the first car it got on board. In case of a collision, the hood closes open a little and the airbag covers the top of the hood and the A-styles of the car. This reduces the risk of injury to the pedestrian. Volvo could also reduce the space between the hood and the engine because of the use of this airbag as a related EuroNCAP requirement faded through the use of the airbag for 2017 Volvo V40 model.