2017 Seat Mii

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The 2017 Seat Mii is a passenger car of segment A that the manufacturer SEAT has put on sale during the fourth quarter of 2011, although its deliveries began in the month of December of 2012. 2017 Seat Mii has as a direct predecessor to the SEAT Arosa, disappeared in 2004, and its range is below that of the SEAT Ibiza. The model has a few aesthetic modifications regarding the Volkswagen up! And Škoda Citigo.

The SEAT Mii was officially unveiled in October 2011. It is manufactured in Bratislava, Martorell, and Wolfsburg along with its similar Volkswagen up! And the Škoda Citigo. This version has a front transverse engine and front wheel drive.

2017 Seat Mii Context

The 2017 Seat Mii is the first city car offered by SEAT since 2004 when it went out of production the Arosa whose Mii reflects the heritage. It was developed by the Volkswagen Group based on the platform MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix), shared with the “sisters” Volkswagen up! and Škoda Citigo, and is produced together with them in the establishment of the group in Bratislava.

In the intentions of the SEAT, the name “Mii” has no real meaning and its own, apart from the idea of identifying the car as something personal, with the second “i” in order to give a touch of modernity the name still very explicitly recalls the Mii , or the avatar used in video games for consoles Wii and Nintendo 3DS .

2017 Seat Mii Features

The 2017 Seat Mii is distinguished by adopting a design more sporty and “Latin”, typical of the family-feeling of the Iberian home, which gives the car a simple line but at the same time solid and balanced, blinking morel’s eye at a young clientele. The Seat Mii 2017 model car is available in the fitting Reference, Style, Chic and Mii by Mango, with 3 or 5 doors, in this configuration, the Mii retains the overall dimensions of the 3-door, with the two rear doors that are disguised in the overall line car.

In front stands the modern grille trapezoid, an element defined by the designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos “modern, strong personality.” Worthy of note are the big headlights that go to lap the wheel arches, and the wide air intake. The trend of belt line is copied from the Citigo, with glazing straight, which has the advantage of giving momentum to the side. The rear instead is characterized by the adoption of lights from the special design “arrow”.

The interior, despite the abundant presence of sheets exposed transparently, reveals a satisfying perceived quality through the use of well-made, plastic that contributes to a well-organized interior and finished in detail.

2017 Seat Mii Model

2017 Seat Mii Model