2017 Seat Arona

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2017 SEAT Arona is Seat’s future crossover -type passenger car model, based on the technicalities of the 2017 SEAT Ibiza. The 2017 Seat Arona model was published in the Paris Motor Show in September 2016 and is scheduled to enter the market during 2017. Seat Arona Car name comes from Tenerife, located in the Arona municipality. In 1972, being already Inducar, developed the design of the SEAT 1200 Sport. Indycar also had a big project, the 1430 Coupé Inducar which was a 2-door version of that model, which SEAT eventually discarded.

SEAT Abarth : Seat Abarth is an Italian company subsidiary of Fiat that makes preparations with a competition type kit, at the time when SEAT was part of the group Fiat shared, some of these preparations even made it some own, stand out the SEAT 600 Abarth, 131 Abarth, 127 second series Abarth, Panda Abarth and Fura Crono Abarth.

SEAT Astesa : Seat Astesa is a Catalan firm that developed prototypes, among which it realized a saga of Asymmetric SEAT.

Imesa : this Galician company was dedicated to the slot machines. But since the mid-80s, he manufactured a two-seater Pickup with fiber body based on the SEAT Ronda / SEAT Málaga L or D (1714 cm3 and 55 hp). They mounted the rear pilots of the SEAT Panda and could carry a roof of fiber to close the zone of the load.

: is a Catalan company dedicated to making automotive elements that improve the performance of the car, such as exhaust kit, carburation and so on, many of these improved elements were included in the SEAT 1200, 127 and 128.

Emelba: it was a small Catalan manufacturer with factory in the town of Arbúcies , which produced commercial derivatives basically based on various models SEAT: Poker (based on the SEAT 127 ), Elba (based on the SEAT Ritmo) under the SEAT Ronda mini-auto caravan introduced in 1986 and a 7-seater version of the Ronda as prototype also developed a 7 seater MPV named Emelba Siete, based on the SEAT Ibiza of the first generation, and many more projects that did not come to light due to the disappearance of the brand.

2017 Seat Arona Model

2017 Seat Arona Model