2017 Saab 9-3

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2017 Saab 9-3 is a D-segment car developed and produced by Saab. The new 2017 Saab 9-3 is based on the first platform GM2900 and then changed to GM Epsilon platform. Other vehicles using this platform includes the Opel Vectra and Cadillac BLS. last owners of Saab, National Electric Vehicle Sweden Saab 9-3 sedan than meets the only model Saab, but the company behind a few hundred cars bankrupt.

The car is listed as Saab 93 of the model year 1998 Saab he revised strategy when to adjust the names of your small car that most 95. The model than 9-3, which pronounced “nine three”. The 2017 Saab 9-3 first time was launched in 1997 for the model year 1998, essentially as 2nd-generation Saab 900 rebaptized, and followed by a new design 03.09 for the model year 2003 should not be confused with the Saab 93, pronounced “93”, which is a car manufactured by Saab was 1955-1960.

The Saab 9-3 was available with a new engine variant of B204, an (LPT) of the low-pressure turbo engine based used on the B204L in the last generation Saab 900. For the American market, received 9-3s turbo petrol engines with a “full pressure turbo” as the standard offering, and a “hot” variant of SE for the model year 1999 model 2000, there was a review of the Saab Trionic Trionic 5-7 engine management system. T7-based engines B205L with 185 kW and hot B205R engine with 205 kW. The first generation 9-3 was also the first Saab available with a diesel engine, a unit found in the Opel Vectra, Astra G, Password, Zafira A. Unlike the Saab 900 (NG), which is 9-3 equipped with a can bus as the 2017 Saab 9-5.

An innovation is the Saab ‘Night panel over from the Saab 900, which allows the application lighting instrument panel, with the exception of essential information, distraction worn driving at night.
Apart from diesel engines, all engines were first-generation versions of the engine Saab H. Apart from the 2017 Saab 9-5, 2017 Saab 93 first generation was the last to use design this entire Saab engine. All versions of this engine have a 16-valve DOHC design with Saab Saab Direct ignition.

All turbo engines use management system Trionic Saab engine, hand in hand work with the direct ignition module IDM. The last two technologies during the ten years that GM Saab managed to migrate to other GM products. All engines except for the normally aspirated version and a low-pressure turbo has a high specific power. The B205R generated 102.5 kW (76.4 hp) per liter and 252-foot pounds (342 N·m) of torque.

2017 Saab 9-3 Model

2017 Saab 9-3 Model

2017 Saab 9-3 won an award as the most reliable vehicle in the middle. With 50,000 km, 93.1% of Saab has no lack of the service and for 100,000 kilometers, this percentage is still respectable 84.2%.