2017 Renault Talisman

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2017 Renault Talisman is a passenger car model of French carmaker Renault. The new 2017 Renault Talisman is a four-door notchback sedan and five-door station wagon offered and is middle class assigned. Renault Talisman was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt in September 2015. Since February 2016 commercially available. The 2017 Talisman is in the French city of the Renault plant in Douai produce.

With the name, Talisman would like to express Renault protection and strength. Furthermore, Renault is important to understand the name worldwide. Renault Talisman 2017, Renault produced by middle-class car model. Tools for the first time in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is the introduced Renault Laguna and latitudes has taken the place. South Korea ‘is also sold under the Renault Samsung SM6 name.

2017 Renault Talisman Architecture

The Talisman uses the “Common Module Family” (CMF) of the Renault-Nissan. This allows building vehicles of different market segments based on reused components. The Talisman divides large modules with the Renault Espace . At the start, three diesel engines and two gasoline engines will be available. The three diesel engines deliver 81, 96 or 118 kW, or 147 kW. The gasoline and diesel to the most powerful only in conjunction with a dual-clutch transmission will be offered with six (diesel engine) or seven (petrol engines) switching stages. Only the small and medium diesel the customer can choose between manual and automatic transmission. Renault’s combined fuel consumption from 5.6 to 3.6 l/100 km, which CO 2 emissions from 132 g/km and 95 g/Km.

Renault Talisman is a Renault from 2015 made by upper-middle-class car model, which replaced the Laguna. Renault Talisman was introduced in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Body models are four-door sedan and station wagon. Renault Talisman 2017’s base is an active shock absorber control, and an optional may also 4CONTROL four-wheel-steering. South Korea talisman is known as the Renault Samsung SM6. Talisman was awarded the 2015 Euro NCAP -kolaritestist√§ result of the full five stars.

2017 Renault Talisman Engine

Petrol engines are 1.6-liter TCe’s, on power 150 and 200 horsepower. The smallest diesel is the 1.5-liter dCi (110hp) and higher than the corresponding 1.6-liter (130/160hp). The most efficient diesel engine is equipped with a double turbo. The petrol-engined models are equipped as standard seven-EDC double clutch gearbox, and the corresponding most powerful diesel, six-speed. For It is also available with two smaller DCI, which comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, 2017 Renault Talisman.

2017 Renault Talisman Model

2017 Renault Talisman Model