2017 Pontiac G6

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2017 Pontiac G6 is a mid-size car by Pontiac. Pontiac G6 has replaced the Grand Am in 2004. The Pontiac G6 2017 is built on the GM Epsilon platform shared it with the Chevrolet Malibu and Saab 9-3 with other General Motors vehicles. The name derives from the successor to the Pontiac Grand Am, and serves as the “sixth generation” of the Grand Am, the renaming of Grand Am to 2017 Pontiac G6 have been implemented to help reposition Pontiac as a rival to BMW, and serve as a standard for most future models.

The Pontiac G6 was the first time at the 2003 North American International Auto Show as a concept car. The concept uses a 3.5 L supercharged V6 285 horsepower and 272 lb-ft of torque coupled with a 4T65-E electronically controlled automatic transmission made. When the G6 was launched in 2005, it has two trim levels, base “V6” and sportier “GT”. However, both finishing uses a 3.5 L pushrod V6 produces 200 horsepower (150 kW) and 220 lbf·ft of torque. Coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission, the GT featured TAP shift, where the driver can select gears by hand.

2017 Pontiac G6 Marketing

The launch of the G6 was a big publicity stunt: 276 of the cars were on the talk show’s fall 2004 season premiere way audience members of The Oprah Winfrey Show given. This action, along with a reported US $ 110 million publicity campaign, trying to garner national attention for the new G6.

On September 12, 2014, Auto Blog won a follow-up to the individuals the vehicle on the tenth anniversary of the telecast. The winners learned questioned that although they had “car” of Winfrey during the broadcast, in fact, they have to go to retrieve the Pontiac dealer in their area G6 as the vehicles used pointed out the studio’s parking lot as a promotion. A couple sold their G6s because they learned of the tax implications that come with the possession of the car, while another held hair all her two friends who had come with her to take it theirs anymore and hope the G6 to her daughter give time for the college, said: “I hope to drive it until we can no longer drive.”

2017 Pontiac G6 Motorsport

The 2017 G6 is used in the GT class of Rolex Sports Car Series as a replacement for the Pontiac GTO.R, that are no longer sold. The cars are referred to as GXP.Rs and built by GM’s endorsed chassis constructor, Pratt & Miller.

Pontiac G6 is powered by LS2 V8 engine that produces approximately 450 horsepower (340 kW). Weight saving features include carbon fiber body panels, break-resistant plastic windows. The custom tube-frame chassis is not at all based on chassis road car and 6-speed transmission delivers power to the rear wheels. The front and rear fenders flared to the wide, 18-inch wheels and class-spec Hoosier racing tires cover. A rear wing reminiscent of option sports package on the car is equipped behind, under the proper racing rear wing. The 2017 G6 GXP also races in the NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Series Pro Stock class for Warren Johnson Racing.

2017 Pontiac G6 Recall

There is four NHTSA recall formal for the Pontiac G6. The first was repealed Pontiac G6 cars with aftermarket seat upgrades. For sale at a speed up certain dealers, GM authorized seats should be replaced with leather seats as a dealer installed option. This change may cause the passenger airbag sensor to not detect an occupant. GM had the rare step of buying back any vehicles this dealer installed option.

The second recall affected 8012 MY 2005-2006 G6 vehicles and corrected a potential rust brake light wiring affected, and could cause brake lights to flag. On September 21, 2012, General Motors recalled 473,841 vehicles the Chevy Malibu, Pontiac G6 and Saturn Aura model year 2007 through 2010 equipped with four-speed automatic transmission. The problem is a condition that can make cars roll when in the park. The recall affects 426,240 in the United States, 40,029 in Canada and 7,572 in other markets.

2017 Pontiac G6 Model

2017 Pontiac G6 Model

This recall is an expansion of recall a much smaller 2011 on certain 2009 / 2009.5 feel MY vehicles the same condition. GM expanded the recall in 2012 after the problem is not isolated that model year. In 2014, GM vehicle with respect to a state that can remember breaking the transmission shift cable. Breaking prevents the driver from selecting gears and can cause moving vehicle in an unintended direction.

2017 Pontiac G6 Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has introduced the Pontiac G6 an overall good rating in the frontal offset crash test but an acceptable score in the side impact crash test all side airbags late in the model year 2006. The Pontiac G6 2017 model is lower side impact score was partly due to a marginal rating for the category cage structure / safety.