2017 Opel Astra

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The Opel Astra is a small family car engineered and manufactured by the German automaker Opel since 1991. 2017 Opel Astra is branded as Vauxhall Astra in the UK and the Buick Excelle XT in China. The Holden Astra was discontinued in Australia and New Zealand in 2009. It briefly returned to the Australian market in 2012, for the first time badged as an Opel, but was discontinued after Opel withdrew from the country a year later. On 1 May 2014, Opel announced that the 2017 Astra GTC and 2017 Astra VXR (Astra OPC) would return to Australia and New Zealand in 2015, again bearing the Holden badge.

The new 2017 Opel Astra nameplate originates from Vauxhall, which had manufactured and marketed earlier generations of the Opel Kadett as Vauxhall Astra. Subsequent GM Europe policy standardised model nomenclature in the early 1990s, whereby model names were the same in all markets regardless of whether the vehicle was being sold as an Opel or a Vauxhall.

As of 2009, there have been four generations of the Astra. In a fashion typical for 2017 Opel they are designated with subsequent letters of the Latin alphabet. Opel’s official convention is that the Astra is a logical continuation of the Kadett lineage, thus, the first generation of Opel Astra as the Astra F. Another convention used by GM starts with Astra A, adopting the notion that the Astra is a separate model. Models sold as Vauxhall, Holden or Chevrolet have different generation designations reflecting the history of those nameplates in their home markets and their naming conventions.

2017 Opel Astra F

The 2017 Opel Astra F debuted in September 1991. With the Kadett E’s successor, Opel adopted the Astra nameplate, which was already used by Vauxhall for the Kadett D and E. It was offered as a three- or five-door hatchback, a saloon (sedan), and an estate is known as the Caravan and available with five doors only, bringing Opel’s run of three-door wagons to an end at long last. A cabriolet was also offered, designed and built by Bertone in Italy. While the Astra F finished production in Germany in 1998, Polish-built Astros remained on offer in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey, with the name Astra Classic from 1998 to 2002. The Opel Astra F consisted of two main revisions and was revised in 1995, with the launch of Opel’s new Ecotec engine.

2017 Opel Astra G

The 2017 Astra G, firstly was launched in Europe in 1998. Opel Astra 2017 is available as a 3-door liftback and 5-door liftback, 4-door saloon, 5-door estate and two special versions from 2000: the Astra Coupé and the Astra Cabrio, both of them designed and built by Bertone. The Astra G saw the introduction of a natural gas-powered engine. Its chassis was tuned by Lotus and formed the base of a 7-seater compact MPV, the Opel Zafira. Approximately 90,000 coupés were produced, of which 7000 were cabriolets.

The manufacturing of Astra Saloon continued at Opel’s Gliwice plant in Poland after the debut of the next-generation Astra H, with the older model being branded as Astra Classic in a similar fashion to its predecessor, catering to the lower end of the market. This car was offered in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey with the name Astra Classic II from 2004 to the end 2009.

2017 Opel Astra K

Opel launched a brand–new Astra at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in September 2015. Astra will be smaller, and lighter compared to Astra J. As it is smaller on the outside, Opel claims it is bigger on the inside than the previous Astra J. Depending on the model and trim level it will be up to 200 kilograms at the very least 120 kilograms, lighter than its predecessor. The Opel 2017 Astra completely new vehicle architecture plays a major role in the weight reduction. Every component was checked for compact design and lightweight materials. The 2017 Opel Astra bodyshell weight alone was reduced by 20 percent from 357 to 280 kilograms. Additional, chassis-related measures resulted in another 50 kilograms of weight reduction; these include high-strength and ultra-high-strength low-weight steels, compact subframes as well as weight reductions to the front and rear axle. Rear suspension is torsion bar with Watts-linkage, and McPherson struts are it at the front.

2017 Opel Astra OPC Model

2017 Opel Astra OPC Model