2014 Skoda Yeti

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The 2014 Skoda Yeti is affected vehicles include the Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 and Kia Sportage. It offers a combination of hatchback-like styling, the elections to Spec four-wheel drive, and versatile cabin that means the Yeti is excellent and family life. The Yeti is fun to drive on the road, but it may also popular cars in terms of competitiveness Frugality. Go for a version of the four-wheel drive and Skoda is also a surprisingly capable off-road. Inside, it has a flexible seating system for all seats except the driver’s seat can be removed to great things. Consider a very good record Skoda for reliability and care of the customer and that is why the Yeti has proved to be popular here in the UK.

The 2014 Skoda Yetihas recently had to give him something to look fresh review and revision of the standards. However, the 2014 Skoda Yeti which was launched in 2009 – He’s starting to look old against rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai.

2014 Skoda Yeti Interior

The 2014 Skoda Yeti’s boxy likely to be the sleek style of the other competitors and lead to some of the sound of the wind speed – but does it translate into excellent levels of interior space, and three people should be able to sit in the back. Nevertheless, the appointment of Skoda, which can be trapped with a Bump odd, is not as comfortable as it should be and we have found the diesel engines and the sound under acceleration.

The 2014 Skoda Yeti has a roomy, family-friendly cabin. All five seats should offer plenty of space on the roof of the car’s high headroom travelers. The back seats can slide forward or back for legroom off place, or to increase the volume of the boot to 416 liters. I make seats can be completely removed with the Milky Way, although we find them a bit heavy and difficult to move. Spend time with Skoda Yeti and you’ll find plenty of storage areas, including a decent glovebox-sized, a cubbyhole under the center armrest, door bins and cupholders.

2014 Skoda Yeti Engine

Grew up in a place I Skoda Yeti’s drive to give the driver a better view of the road, but the Yeti officer driving a normal car. The slowest model is the Greenline, which he gets from 0-60 in 12.1 seconds, but a very good economic return and quick enough for normal driving. The TDI 2.0-liter 140 immediately fell, and the TDI 170 has plenty of energy, the environment for overtaking. The petrols opens in a respectable performance, but significantly more expensive to run. When fitted with four-wheel drive, the Yeti can handle muddy tracks in snow and ice, and with it comes a handy kit including control of a decent hill, which makes it easier to drive the Yeti down steep hills.

2014 Skoda Yeti  Safety

As an ownership proposition difficult to errors in the Skoda Yeti car and finished first in our 2013 and 2012 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey. Skoda made unofficial manufacturers coming in second after the premium car Lexus mode. It is noteworthy that the three-year warranty is the standard Skoda is not as generous five-year protection plan provides that came with the new Kia seven-year Hyundai or since. When the fall and tested by Euro NCAP, the Yeti generic drugs and advanced security model and comes complete with a passenger, 2014 Skoda Yeti side and curtain airbag.

2014 Skoda Yeti Redesign

2014 Skoda Yeti Redesign