2014 Pontiac Solstice

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2014 Pontiac Solstice – Climb in to the 2014 Pontiac solstice and there be an unsettling feeling of familiarity. We’ve been right here previously. And after steering off, everything starts to gel, although it has nothing to do with our previous stints in the drop-top variation. The 2014 Pontiac solstice seems like the unruly spawn of an evening of interest between a C4 Corvette coupe and a Dodge Viper. And while the Solstice is no place near as large or as powerful as those 2 American images, the DNA of each of the is undeniably existing in this little equipment, completely factor. It’s no accident that the history of the Solstice periods the Bob Lutz era at General Motors. After Lutz joined GM in 2001 to lead its product advancement, one of the very first tasks he delegated the design team was to develop a new idea for the Detroit Car Say. The 2014 Pontiac solstice was birthed, a stylistic hit was made and the convertible was rushed to manufacturing. Now, as Lutz is waning his time at 2014 Pontiac solstice, the Solstice and the whole 2014 Pontiac solstice brand are likewise fading off into the sunset. In many aspects, this Solstice is emblematic of what was ideal and incorrect with GM and Pontiac. And our time with the Solstice Coupe is an informing tale about the final new design from a disappearing brand. In a strange spin of destiny that mirrors the times we stay in, the original designs that brought to life the 2014 Pontiac solstice were produced by Franz Von Holzhausen, a brand-new face in GM’s style studio at the time. Ever since, Von Holzhausen has actually had tenure at Mazda and now leads the style effort at Tesla Motors where he’s working on the Design S electric car. Von Holzhausen initially conceived the Solstice as a coupe, although when readying the principles for the 2002 Detroit and Chicago automobile says, a roadster was added to the program and was the first design to enter into production. It had not been until the 2014 New York Vehicle Show that we saw the manufacturing variation of the 2014 Pontiac solstice.

On the early morning the 2014 Pontiac solstice arrived, the skies opened, lending themselves to a decidedly unfavorable first impression. When opening the driver side door, water put off the roofing system directly in to the center of the driver’s seat. After voicing a few curs and wiping the off the dampened rank, we slid in and, like a proper sports car, located ourselves a couple of inches from the ground. Arthritics remember: look somewhere else for your two-door delights. The good news is, the door sills aren’t especially large or tall making access and leave a little bit less complicated, if somewhat convoluted. Even before transforming the secret, ideas of the Viper promptly spring to mind. The interior is, to place it gently, snug. The facility passage is high and large to suit the transmission and drive-shaft, and unlike several modern sports cars, the Solstice’s dash panel and facility stack is fairly 2014 Pontiac solstice of the lots of buttons and changes to control the ever-growing variety of components. It’s minimalistic and refreshing, particularly in a purpose-built sports 2014 Pontiac solstice.

2014 Pontiac Solstice Execution

Unfortunately, the execution of the interior leaves a great deal to be wanted. We could possibly learn to cope with the difficult plastics, unhandy colour combinations and off-putting textures, but the hideous fit and finish and ham-fisted ergonomics are a bridge too much. The spaces, specifically in between the ends of the control panel and the doors, are unequal and, in many cases, cavernous. The dark plastic covering the grab handle on the guest side of the center stack looks like if it’s going to pop off at a moment’s notice, although the lack of rattling ensured us it was firmly attached. Ergonomically, the 2014 Pontiac solstice disjointed style proceeds, with the emergency brake placed on the passenger side of the console and the window switches over placed too much back on the door’s armrest to be pleasantly worked. And while we value having a change to toggle the security command between regular, off and affordable modes, it’s positioning behind the wheel makes it easy to neglect design by attorneys?.

Then there’s the issue of presence, or lack there of. With the roof panel in position, keeping an eye out the reduced windshield requires you to lean ahead to see traffic lights when you’re at the head of the group. And while the shape of the side glass and down incline of the roof covering pays returns in the 2014 Pontiac solstice styling division, it makes the sights out the side unpleasant at best and somewhat hazardous at worse. Speaking of dangerous, rearward exposure with the roofing fitted is nearly zero. The quarter windows are made entirely useless by the thick C-pillars and the sight is additional risked by the small dimension and steep angle of the glass hatch. Yet sufficient groaning about ridiculous things likes laughable exposure and godawful ergonomics. Let’s obtain on to the great things.

Obviously the manufacturing engineers never obtained the memo. Removing the 2014 Pontiac solstice targa top isn’t very one handed, however it’s a whole lot less complicated compared to stashing the soft-top. Open three locks, all reachable from the vehicle driver’s seat, lift the panel off and stash. Ah, however therein is located the rub. While a single person can remove and change the lightweight best, there’s no place to hold it on board so it needs to be left in the home. Pontiac does provide a fold-up soft-top that can be stashed in the torso for emergencies, yet shockingly, it’s an $1,100 alternative. As a result, when the weather condition obtains untrustworthy, motorists are much more likely to just leave the leading in position, which is a shame because the Solstice is made for open-air driving. While the 2014 Pontiac solstice engineers might not have had the ability to determine how to make a folding roofing system, they obtained it right with the remainder of the mechanical bits.

2014 Pontiac Solstice Elements

Unlike the Fiero that didn’t obtain effective suspension elements up until the 3rd and final year of manufacturing, the 2014 Pontiac solstice has actually been right from the first day. It has an appropriate double wishbone design whatsoever four edges, something that changed from the original concept, which utilized a Subaru WRX strut arrangement in the front. However, even the most effective 2014 Pontiac solstice suspension system just works if the 4 corners stay planted in the bends. That’s something that needs a tight body and listed here the 2014 Pontiac solstice comes with. The Solstice’s hydro-formed steel rails are incredibly flex-free, and even over the nastiest of roads, the Solstice never exhibited cowl shake or groaning. That’s an exceptional accomplishment thinking about the GXP variant has a rather firm suspension, providing a tight trip that doesn’t come at the cost of road manners. The 2014 Pontiac solstice tire motions are snugly damped and springtime rates are perfect to continue the body motions in check while still absorbing bumps and potholes. Despite the great suspension configuration, steering the 2014 Pontiac solstice reveals yet another element shared by the C4 and Viper: The front hinged clam-shell hood always seemed to be quivering while taking a trip at speed. For a sports car with minimal body roll and pitch, the Coupe was actually fairly comfortable to steer, certainly more than the Monitor publication of the Hyundai Birth Coupe 3.8.

The hydraulic shelf and pinion guiding gave exceptional comments and direct command without any slop. And the turbo would certainly 4 matches it flawlessly. The 2014 Pontiac solstice was the very first application of GM’s 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct infused EcoTec engine and this is a high quality instance of exactly what the powertrain engineers in Warren, MI can. With a strong if gently undervalued 260 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, there’s almost no discernible turbo lag, supplying the sensation that a much bigger engine lies under-hood. The only 2014 Pontiac solstice disadvantage is the exhaust note, which is far as well moderate for such a flashy offering.

A much more vigorous track would certainly be valued, yet that’s exactly what the aftermarket is for. When the clouds finally parted and the roofing panel was kept in the lost, ironically, the 2014 Pontiac solstice came into its very own. When readjusted, the driving position is quite good, and while the thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel is a common GM parts bin device, it feels good in the hands and better in the corners. Regrettably, our tester was geared up with the optional five-speed automated and GM never ever spent the coin to include paddle shifters to the 2014 Pontiac solstice. Nevertheless, the torque of the DI Ecotec moves the Solstice with assurance anytime you stab the throttle and when the roads begin to alter direction, the 2014 Pontiac solstice shows to be a fun equipment to pilot.

2014 Pontiac Solstice Redesign

2014 Pontiac Solstice Redesign