2014 Pontiac G6

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2014 Pontiac G6 – In the case of the 2014 Pontiac G6, this is an upgrade to an original investigation that started in February after NHTSA obtained “hundreds of reports” that the brake lights on these vehicles may malfunction. According to The Detroit News, the lights might come on when the brake pedal is not despondent, and furthermore, the brake lights might not brighten when the pedal has been driven. General 2014 Pontiac G6Motors was able to provide NHTSA with a significant number of service warranty claims, consisting of 1,100 2014 Pontiac G6that can potentially associate with this problem, among which shows an automobile collision. For Honda, the NHTSA probe concerns airbags that might use unexpectedly. The federal government firm got six problems from 2003-04 Odyssey owners stating that the front airbags unexpectedly blew up without a crash. The Detroit Information mentions that three of the 6 owners experienced injuries from these accidents. Furthermore, 2014 Pontiac G6has actually obtained 41 issues from owners saying the auto’s airbag caution light had actually brightened.

The exterior redesign rollovers within, where the interior is clearly much more slick compared to the 2014 Pontiac G6Am’s. We were thrilled with the 2014 Pontiac G6ergonomics, fit and surface, and high quality plastics, many of which are well grained and soft to the touch, and visually pleased by the two-tone beige-and-black feel. The 2014 Pontiac G6scenic roofing system worked without a problem, the three back panes efficiently gliding and stacking rearward, the front popping up to act as a wind deflector. If we had our druthers, we’d switch out the way-bright chrome surrounds on the evaluates with cleaned rings and find better-shaped, a lot more supportive seats. As they are, the fronts lack the firm-hug feel of appropriate sport chairs, and the rear bench, although a La-Z-Boy couch ased opposed to the Grand Prix’s park bench includes a seat mattress also level and short.

2014 Pontiac G6 Wheelbase

The 2014 Pontiac G6lengthy wheelbase corresponds the 112.3-inch period that separates the front and rear axles of the Chevy Malibu Maxx, a wagon that shares GM’s front-drive Epsilon design with the Saab 9-3, the Malibu car, and now the 2014 Pontiac G6. Instead of make use of the 9-3’s 105.3-inch wheelbase or the Malibu’s 106.3-inch spreading, Pontiac picked the Maxx-imum extension, which offers the G6 its wheels-pushed-to-the-corners appearance, and also 37.6 inches of rear legroom, an inch greater than an Accord has. Parked alongside a Grand Am, the 2014 Pontiac G6, at 189.1 inches, is almost 3 inches much longer, merely 0.1 inch much shorter compared to a Camry. In between the lines, the 2014 Pontiac G6shelters 68.9 inches side to side, almost two inches narrower compared to the Camry. The G6 is put on hold by struts in advance and a four-link individual configuration in back. Compared with the standard 2014 Pontiac G6, our GT tester featured larger-diameter anti-roll bars, 17-inch “chrome technician” alloy tires, larger front brake rotors, and sport-tuned dampers and spring seasons.

Prepared with this so-called sporting activity suspension, we expected the GT to be, well, cool. It wasn’t. Hustled around our 10 Best dealing with course, the 2014 Pontiac G6 showed expected levels of mild under steer, yet it felt a lot floatier compared to sporty, its legs also accepting sculpt up the roadway like a front-wheel-drive sports car like the Mazda 6 s. Our 2014 Pontiac G6 rack-and-pinion reins lacked the direct, favorable feel that develops confidence, be it cornering or traveling, rather communicating a detached feeling on-center and feeling numb via turns. So, although the G6 tape-recorded an above-average road holding number of 0.81 g, above an Accord EX-BOYFRIEND V-6 0.74 however mediocre to a Mazda 6 s 0.84, it never ever managed us the assurance or convenience degree to intend to grab its limitations on public roadways. The four-wheel 2014 Pontiac G6 disc brakes with conventional ABS did little to help, even with providing an office pedal feel. Stopping from 70 to 0 miles per hour called for 185 feet, regarding the like its rivals.

2014 Pontiac G6 Suspension

2014 Pontiac G6 Release Date

2014 Pontiac G6 Release Date

On the bright side, the 2014 Pontiac G6 forgiving suspension delivered a supple, comfortable ride, also over the rough, unequal roads outside Ann Arbor’s city limits. As a matter of fact, even the roughest stretches we went across did nothing to stress the stout structure, much less upset the framework, which took in bumps without bring upon bruises or increasing worries. At the nuisance strip, the 200-hp 2014 Pontiac G6 dragged greater than we predicted, publishing a 0-to-60 sprint of 7.9 secs and a quarter-mile time of 16.1 at 86 miles per hour, both slower than the 240-hp Accord 7.0 and 15.5 and the 220-hp Mazda 6 s 6.8 and 15.4. The 2014 Pontiac G6 did take care of to outgun the last Camry SE V-6 we checked 8.2 and 16.4, although that model’s 192 horsepower is 33 but the ’05 Camry SE’s. The G6’s 3.5-liter, 12-valve pushrod engine is not as refined as the competitor’s 24-valve overhead-cam units, however it’s an able electric motor that provides a respectable 220 pound-feet of torque in addition to 21 mpg city and 29 mpg road. Mash the throttle, and the four-speed automatic does not shy away from amping its partner to succeeding 5800-rpm changes. Simply want to wait for those changes to take place, the tailoring spaces are canyonlike. Unfortunately, the 3.5 additionally does not shy away from giving off a resonance that grates as the tach sneaks skyward.

2014 Pontiac G6 Redesign

2014 Pontiac G6 Redesign

Those accustomed to the pleasant song of an Accord V-6 will quiver. The large reason for the 2014 Pontiac G6 dull efficiency is heft, the Pontiac weighs 3532 pounds. Comparative, an Accord Ex Boyfriend V-6 examines 3439, a 6 s, 3329, and a Camry SE V-6, 3424. Also the Malibu Maxx, with its 5th door, suggestions the ranges at 3460. Why’s the 2014 Pontiac G6 so heavy? For one, its iron-block V-6 resembles an anchor under the bow, and the sunroof, with its electric motor and 4 glass panes, belongs to a lead hat.