2014 Peugeot 2008

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2014 Peugeot 2008 – The 2014 peugeot 2008 capitalises on the brand’s know-how acquired with the excellence of the 3008 Crossover to create an ingenious auto for the B segment. Ready to go on sale in Springtime 2014, it takes part the dynamic of the product offending started effectively by the. 208. The brand-new crossover by Peugeot is the initial car generated by the Marque that was designed and developed concurrently by many geographic markets. With its around the world goals, the 2014 peugeot 2008 drives the Marque into a new vibrant, according to its method of creating its crossover selection and bring in new consumers. In a globe which is constantly evolving and increasingly metropolitan, a new generation of consumers is surfacing. Eager to constantly be on the move, they prey on dynamism. Agile, varied, they can be discovered on every continent and are searching for products which show their individuality. Attracting durability from this observation, the Marque prepared a requirements with eager objectives. From the start, it in corporated in to the DNA of the crossover by Peugeot, which combines an accomplished steering encounter, fashionable layout with efficient benefits, the difficulty of creating an automobile meant for a worldwide clients around only three geographic markets.

Peugeot rose to the difficulty. Upmarket, powerful, the new crossover by Peugeot provides a rich and varied experience in the B segment. So, at just 4.16 m long, the 2014 peugeot 2008 innovates by distinctly blending the steering qualities of a hatchback and the durability of an SUV with an on-board location traveler room, modularity and convenience which invites you to take pleasure in each moment fully. Equally at ease in town as on the open roadway, it could escape from the city with self-confidence as a result of its prolonged flexibility features. Promoting and flexible, the Peugeot 2008 fits all consumers. The 2014 peugeot 2008 is to be created near to its markets, in France Mulhouse, in China Wuhan and in Brazil Porto Real. In the 2014 peugeot 2008, the Marque has the vehicle which will protect its management in the section in Europe and which will win new customers in Asia and Latin The united state. – Maxime Picat, Supervisor General of Peugeot.

2014 Peugeot 2008 Proceeding

With the 2014 peugeot 2008, Peugeot is proceeding its product aggression and capitalising on the excellence of the 3008 by providing a brand-new crossover, urban and innovative, to draw a global customers – Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Product Supervisor. The Peugeot 2008 reinvents the specifications of large-volume autos in the compact vehicle section. Ingenious from first look, it efficiently combines both globes. The sturdy stylistic fad certifies its identity for practicality, amount and the driving encounter available with 2014 peugeot 2008. Making the 2014 peugeot 2008 was a genuine challenge though we had a very accurate idea of the auto that we wished to provide our clients. The design brought to life in an early phase remained real to the initial design right approximately production. The first sketch was excellent – stylish and effective. – Eric Dejou, 2014 peugeot 2008 Style Supervisor. With its higher-driving placement the 2014 peugeot 2008, suited with ‘Mud & Snow’ tyres, 17 ‘Diamond’ wheels with a matt finish, has actually articulated tire arches that provide it an attractive road existence and position. The black bumpers and physique sills serve to protect it from scrapes with the addition of front and back physique security and side mouldings in stainless steel.

The frontal face takes on the most up to date 2014 peugeot 2008 style codes, with panel fit and components interacting seamlessly and specifically. Carefully formed, the chapeau lines infer lightness, strength and security of the 2014 peugeot 2008, while the ‘floating grille’ face has a solidity of form with vertical elements to utilize wind resistant efficiency and effectiveness. The impressive headlamps are created exactly to reflect the technological functions. Sharp and accurate, they show the bodywork to offered the overview appearance of a feline’s pupil. Sculpted, they go to one with the front face, providing it a more meaningful, technological and personal character. This appeal is stressed by LED day operating lights. The 2008 has prospered in combining worlds and cultures to offer a design which surpasses client expectations. – Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Style Supervisor.

2014 Peugeot 2008 Strength

The brand-new urban crossover has sophisticated and sophisticated sculpted airfoils and sides, showing clear athletic qualities. The generous glazed surfaces, including the scenic roof covering, promise a spacious indoor vulnerable to its surroundings. The rear end also blends strength with dynamism. The boot quantity, with a reduced filling sill, has above it a roofing system line with dynamic curves, influenced by the RCZ. The broad tailgate is framed by lamps protected to the bodywork. Drifting inside their housing, the only three shining claws are lit at their foundation by LEDs that appear put on hold.

The vibrant and stylish motion of the roofing system is also a component of the profile. A roofing surge line arises over the back seat placement and establishes the setting for a special design chopped in to the metal. As if crimped to the bodywork, it is the origin of the spoiler in an extension of the same component, on the surface. The exact layout of the roofing bars puts the finishing touches to the ideas of dynamism and leisure revealed by the 2014 peugeot 2008. The latest-generation engines draw the extremely importance of the lightness and profiled silhouette to supply an extraordinary steering encounter integrated with a true development in terms of gas economic situation. Due to the innovation of the e-HDi Diesel and new 3-cylinder gas engines, the Peugeot 2008 metropolitan crossover sticks out from the competitors with CO2 starting from 99 g/km.

2014 Peugeot Black Edition

2014 Peugeot Black Edition

The 2014 peugeot 2008 is the most up to date expression of Peugeot’s renewed brand positioning on its move up market and clearly visible in the 208. The 2014 peugeot 2008 signifies the Marque’s landing in a very affordable market, pressing customers’ expectations to a new degree. The automobile exudes desirability, with a sports style, involving steering encounter, higher degrees of convenience and devices, and outstanding quality in materials and finish.