2014 Maybach Coupe

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2014 Maybach Coupe¬† – The idea vehicle 2014 Maybach Coupe has magnificent body that will entice lots of eyeballs when it is driving when driving. The V-12 coupe is based upon the Maybach 57 and designed to test a high-speed tire for the German tire supplier Fulda. The 2014 Maybach Coupe should surpass the 188 mph mark for Fulda. The super-Bach could reach 55 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds with the support of two turbochargers and 740 ft-lbs of torque. Given that Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler has no main strategies to introduce an ‘uber’ glamorous coupe for its fading Maybach brand, the business gave its true blessing to German-based design company Xenatec to make a two-door version of the Maybach 57S. Said to be created in close cooperation with 2014 Maybach Coupe, the 57S Coupe special will certainly be installed a strictly minimal variety of 100 examples each valued from a sizable EUR650,000 or around US$ 805,000 at today’s exchange rates. The transformation from a limousine to a coupe consists of upgraded A-, B- and C-columns with the second pillar moved back by 200mm, a more raked roofline, changed front and rear ends, and a slightly bigger body while maintaining the same 3.39m-long wheelbase as the car design. The prolonged tire arcs of the car are filled in with newly designed 20- or additionally 21-inch alloy wheels. The four-seater 57S Coupe keeps the standard 2014 Maybach Coupe 6.0-liter bi-turbocharged V12 with 612HP for the record, in the latest facelift outcome has been upped to 630HP, so anticipate about 5.0 seconds for the conventional 0-100km / h 62mph sprint and a full blast somewhere around 275km/h or 171mph. Remarkably, regardless of sporting only dual doors the Maybach Coupe will preserve a cars 5.73 meter lengths, creation it between one of a lengthiest coupes in a world.

2014 Maybach Coupe Styling

The going 2014 Maybach Coupe styling is actually blending to match with a some-more considerably sharp windscreen, B-pillars established serve behind in a vehicle to match the much longer doors, and also the more trendy C-pillar design to create the coupe-like silhouette.The 2014 Maybach Coupe will take advantage of the exact same twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine discovered in a 2014 Maybach Coupe that generates peak energy of 456kW.A restricted run of ONE HUNDRED systems will certainly be developed, any bring in the price tab upwards of 650,000 Euros or only bashful of A$ 1 hundred.

2014 Maybach Coupe Game

The initial 2014 Maybach Coupe, dubbed the Cruiserio, is game sale in Saudi Arabia.Produced by Xenatec, the Maybach-induced conversion was created by Burch Fred Hardt the man who penned the Exelero concept and features cool, yet conventional styling.Power is offered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine with 603 hp 450 kW / 612 PS and 738 lb-ft 1,000 Nm of torque.

2014 Maybach Coupe Redesign

2014 Maybach Coupe Redesign

This allows the 2014 Maybach Coupe to speed up from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds, before striking a full blast of 275 km/h 171 mph.Motorward German coachbuilder Xenatec that made a bunch of noise this previous year with its 2014 Maybach Coupe announced that they will display an example of this ultra-lux vehicle at the 2014 Geneva Motor Program which is due in less compared to a week.This cruiser model is a customer-specified one-off showcasing an unique a matte surface applied by hand in many layers to develop a sparkling brass tone.