2014 Land Rover Freelander

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The 2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 is good enough for highway driving – especially considering what it is capable off it. Does not feel like an SUV, but more like a car 4×4 capability with high net worth. The 2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 come with a 2.2-liter diesel engine, but is available in two different versions and can be ordered as the car front wheel drive if you want the look of the car without fuel consumption 4×4. An update in late 2012 cooled the look of the car, with new lights front and rear, plus an interior with the much cleaner look thanks to fewer buttons. Rivals of the car are the Hyundai Santa Fe, budget Dacia Duster, and the popular Nissan Qashqai, so competition is as tough as ever.

2014 Land Rover Freelander Interior

There is no doubt that the 2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 is a very comfortable car – the improved suspension means that tackles bumpy roads without any problems. ow levels of tire, wind and road noise means the car is nice around town, but at higher highway speeds square shape creates some wind whistle and the engine is noisy at high rpm. The quality of seats, plastics and environment in general is very good and should cope well with the wear and tear of family life – it’s just a shame that the finish is not up to the level you would expect for the money.

Inside the Freelander 2 door bins are deep, a decent sized glove box and plenty of storage cubbies hand, so there is no shortage of space. The Freelander 2 also offers a huge trunk, which offers 755 liters of space, which expands to a massive 1670 liters when the seats sometimes find serial split fold flat. However, the large wheel arches make the shape of the much less practical boot, stepping heavily on the attractive floor space. The lack of an option of seven seats, flexible Freelander 2 and the overall carrying capacity of people compared to some of its competitors is limited. The legroom in both the front and back, means must fit four adults comfortably.

2014 Land Rover Freelander Engine

A box of excellent manual transmission or automatic with the most powerful SD4 190bhp turbodiesel makes the car easy to drive, however, the direction is slow to react. Works well if you go slowly, but the Freelander feels out of its depth when picking speed. Its high seating position provides great visibility for the whole family and the compact exterior dimensions make for easy city driving. Not only has the amazing off-road capability, flexible suspension impresses with its comfort on long journeys. The Terrain Response feature, available on high spec models also makes it a more versatile SUV that many of his rivals focused road.

2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 is available in two power levels: the ed4 and both have the TD4 engine 150bhp and 190bhp SD4 version gets. Which one you choose depends on what is most important to you, the SD4 reaches 60 mph faster than the other two, but less powerful engine is more fuel efficient. If it comes to fuel efficiency and reduced emissions desired then we suggest the ed4, which is the two-wheel drive version of the TD4. ED4 47.1mpg made around and emits 158g/km CO2, with the four-wheel TDV return slightly worse figures 165g/km 45.6mpg and CO2. If you go for the superior power SD4, which falls to 40.4mpg and 185g/km of CO2, which is a fairly expensive car to maintain and fees.

2014 Land Rover Freelander Safety

Land Rover fell five places in the rankings of manufacturers customer satisfaction survey 2014 driver source to come 25 from 32. Freelander’s own reality back into the list of 100 cars, at number 73, but the negative including high operating costs, lack of reliability and poor handling – reliability of Land Rover has never been his strong point, with owners often suffer insignificant problems. The Freelander managed to get the top rating of five stars in crash safety tests Euro NCAP, however, so it is a safe car. No matter how you look, the Discovery is not a cheap car to maintain. All models get the same 3.0-liter diesel engine, but is hampered by large wholesale Discovery 4, which means you can return only 35.3mpg. Not great, when some of its rivals come close to 50 mpg. No surprises after C02 emissions are also high – at 213g/km, road tax will cost £ 285 a year.

2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 Blue

2014 Land Rover Freelander 2 Blue