2014 Land Rover Discovery

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The 2014 Land Rover Discovery SUV remains one of the best in the class. In many ways, it has been expanded by winning first in the old car formula, so that the latter model is more luxurious inside, while it is much better than driving down the road and, thanks to the sophisticated electronics, as good out of it. Somehow, though, the Discovery 4 is still a 4×4 schoolchildren. It gets a single engine option, and while the large diesel does an excellent job of moving the Land Rover, which is not very economical. All 2014 Land Rover Discovery models get a decent level of equipment, starting with the X, XS, HSE and HSE luxury finish-top of the range.

2014 Land Rover Discovery Interior

Comfort is a Land Rover Discovery 2014 forte. Crossing paths of weight, it costs so bad when it comes to economics, also gives you a comfortable ride, even over the bumpiest roads. Discovery also has a high seating position, which means that you get an excellent view of the road. The 2014 Land Rover Discovery interior is of a quality to match some executive lounges, and even the bank earlier in the discovery of seven seater offers reasonable space.

Keep seven seats and the 2014 Land Rover Discoveryoffers 280 liters of luggage, which jumps to 1192 liters with the third row seats folded. Keep away all the rear seats and a massive 2558 liters to play with is obtained. Loading objects should be easy, too, and the discovery can lower your height, while the boot lip means you can slide bulky items without a fuss. The tailgate is divided, so that small objects can drop quickly. Inside 2014 Land Rover Discovery for five passengers is excellent, and even the third row is not so bad. The Land Rover also gets plenty of cubicles that include a large compartment between the front seats, as it is cooled by the air conditioning of the car as well as cup holders for all passengers.

2014 Land Rover Discovery Engine

The 3.0-liter diesel 2014 Land Rover Discovery has a lot of energy and get the Land Rover from 0-60mph in 8.8 seconds. The lazy engine power combined with standard automatic transmission box of Discovery and suspension comfort for the big SUV a relaxing cruise. The disadvantage is that there are plenty of body lean if you try to take corners aggressively. Excellent off-road Land Rover Discovery The D2014 (and poor fuel economy) capacity is in part thanks to its sophisticated four-wheel drive, which means that the Land Rover has a lot of grip. The car features the Terrain Response system Land Rover, which means that the discovery can be configured to meet various off-road conditions.

2014 Land Rover Discovery Safety

2014 Land Rover Discovery has plenty of stick unreliable in the past, but there can only be cracked with the Discovery 4. In our 2013 survey of the source driver, which included 150 models, Discovery became an excellent eighth. That same year, however, Land Rover finished 25th of 32 companies in the ratings of our manufacturers. The last model could also do better than that. One thing is certain, with a star for the safety of pedestrians, you certainly do not want to be hit by a 2014 Land Rover Discovery.

2014 Land Rover Discovery 5

2014 Land Rover Discovery 5