2014 Land Rover Defender

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The 2014 Land Rover Defender has soldiered decade after decade to escape any major upgrade from its humble roots as a military utility vehicle built to withstand extreme environments, the incoming artillery, and the any off-road challenge Mother Nature could throw at it. Over the years, however, the Ombudsman has softened at the edges, with most changes occurring inside the cabin. While changes have been enough to keep it afloat, safety standards and declining sales have given way to the disappearance of the Ombudsman. His last year in production is planned for 2015.

Before the last resistance 2014 Land Rover Defender ‘s, Land Rover Dolling up for a last hurray. Two new special edition packages will be offered for 2015: ‘. Silver Pack ‘the’ Black Pack ‘and selecting the package, roof, front grille surround, wheels and interior trim a glossy black finish or silver finish Santorini Indus light. The color of the exterior body is painted black or silver for highly contrasting elsewhere.

Other parts include a script matching colors ‘Defender’ in the hood, windows privacy tents, and a head of black poster Alston. Wheel contrast are also present.The 2014 Land Rover Defender packs will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Both packs will be available in short wheelbase (90 inches), and two doors (110 inches) long wheelbase, four-door Defender. Pricing has not yet been released, but unless you live outside the USA, not imported. The Ombudsman does not comply with federal regulations and has not been available in the United States for many years. 2014 Land Rover Defender 90 is treated with the Black Pack, and black grille, roof and wheels contrast with the body color silver. Tinted windows Black Defenders further set apart Package. Two wheel options are available in the package Black: the heavy duty Steelies seen above and alloy-gloss black.

Like the 2014 Land Rover Defender Black Pack, Silver Pack changes most of the same things, but only in a silver tone contrast. This Defender 110 has a grill, roof and wheels finished in bright silver color. Also changed is the script ‘Defender’ on the hood silver dress. Similarly, the script ‘Defender’ Black Pack has a glossy black finish. The bezel around the radio and climate controls also changes color depending on the pack. This example is part of the package of Black and finished in the same glossy coating as the exterior elements.

2013 Land Rover Defender 90

2013 Land Rover Defender 90