2014 Honda Civic Coupe

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The 2014 Honda Civic Coupe see a number of significant changes. The Coupes get redesigned front and rear ends, while all Civic interior look slightly improved. All versions less natural gas and hybrid get a little more powerful engine and automatic transmission has five speeds above been replaced by a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The LX coupes and Si trims suspension tuning gain firmer, and the hybrid has slightly better fuel economy this year. Finally, some fancy new features debut, including keyless ignition, a bigger touch screen, better integration of smartphones and camera blind spot.

Keep the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe at the top of your game is a perennial priority for Honda. After listening to reviewers and consumers that their redesigned 2012 Civic lagged behind rivals other small sedan in interior quality, features and noise insulation of the cabin, the company quickly toolbox for broke repair work. In a rare move that an automaker, Honda Civic updated just a year later to correct these same issues. Now, for 2014, Honda has kept its foot on the accelerator to ensure the Civic sedan and coupe are as desirable as possible for car buyers.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe Interior

Meanwhile the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, all above advantages in this compact Honda remain, such as the Civic still offers spacious seating, impressive results of crash tests, and a generous list of standard features, even in basic trim level, which includes Bluetooth, the rear view camera, an iPod interface and functionality of Pandora. It is also fairly easy to find a great idea given the Civic sedan availability and coupe body styles and mix of ornaments ranging from hybrid models oriented Natural Gas If green for sports.

Regardless of which version appeals to you, the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe is an excellent choice for a small sedan or coupe. However, there are very worthy opponents in the form of the 2014 Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra 2014 and 2014 Mazda 3, which all offer the competitive value, the feature content and quality interior. Buyers Civic Hybrid is the Toyota Prius and Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid are strong alternatives, while the performance enthusiasts considering the Civic Si should also test-drive the entertaining and refined Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen GTI. In general, however, we are very impressed with the Honda Civic. The 2014 Honda Civic Coupe has long been one of the best driving cars in its class, and this tradition continues accurately address the latest safe driving and weighted. The Civic also offers one of the most comfortable rides and compound class. With refinements last year, is also fairly quiet at highway speeds, something I could not say older Civics.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe Engine

The 2014 Honda Civic Coupe is a four-cylinder engine of 1.8 liters and a new revised CVT, more efficient than replaces the five-speed automatic transmission in most models. Resulting combo promises even better fuel economy, and in fact, with an estimated 35 mpg EPA combined (for the HF model), the Civic is one of the smaller more efficient non-hybrid cars that can be purchased. The new luxury features are also part of the 2014 plan as you can now get on and key-less entry, interface 7 inch touch screen with smartphone integration and improved camera screen blind spot. Honda has not forgotten those who enjoy driving, either: The LX coupe and the coupe / sedan If they get firmer suspension calibrations to provide more responsive handling models. In addition, Honda says the new CVT provides a slightly faster to go along with the increased fuel consumption acceleration.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe Fuel Economy

The power output of 1.8 liters of gasoline is more than enough, but its high fuel efficiency and refined character however typically make it a winner. The performance of the new CVT is commendable, as it quickly “down” when quick acceleration is needed, unlike some other CVT, which seem to produce more noise than action. Overall, we believe that almost all civic buyers will be happy with the operation of the new CVT. Expect a slow acceleration from the Civic Natural Gas and Civic Coupe 2014 Honda hybrid, although obviously, efficiency is the top priority in these models. The Civic Si is definitely the most fun to drive. Suspension of refined fit quick steering and additional torque provided by the larger engine gives the Si a strong attitude and playful around town or highway curve.

2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX

2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX