2014 Ferrari FF

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The 2014 Ferrari FF is only a month, only to be driven, and the only Ferrari. The FF is the first four-wheel drive Ferrari car, and it is the power of technology – but it will not truck-like. Quick Shocking, obscenely powerful, and only nominal, the FF is an impressive machine. 2014 Ferrari FF two-door wagon form, look the FF’s is unusual. Despite the unconventional shape, it uses many of the traditional styling features, including a long, low nose, a windshield sweptback, and tail Kammback. As in the case of the new F12 Berlinetta, the cases are the FF show strong character lines followed by swelling of the fenders, including the nose and aggressive aerodynamic tail. Inside the $ 300,000 FF, you’ll Typical features of modern Ferrari, including the driver-centric cabin layout and control interface, two-tone, and then, fine leathers and metal trim.

2014 Ferrari FF Interior

The shooting brake form factor brings the benefits of the unique beauty, the FF holds 15.9 cubic feet of the car behind the seats, which can be expanded to 28.2 cubic feet with the rear seats in the back and lay flat. That makes it one of the most effective super-class performers. Comfort in 2014 Ferrari FF should be a really good car for a long, open and well and the front seats strengthened. Despite the four-seat arrangement, the rear seats in the look to be a bit narrow, short leg room and head room because of the size of the exterior of sport. I make them seats separated by a high tunnel for the Driveline. FF Ferrari has had a special Neiman Marcus Edition, and is also used as the launch vehicle for Custom Tailor Made program of the company. The FF also stars the company’s winter driving school.

2014 Ferrari FF Engine

Under the hood the 2014 Ferrari FF, a 6.3-liter V12 engine generates 651 horsepower. Despite the 3,946-pound curb weight, the four-wheel-drive FF can accelerate to 60 Mph just 3.7 seconds and hit a speed of up to 208 Mph. Its have not had a turn behind the wheel of the FF just yet, but we’re sure it’s the right campaign impressed. The four-wheel-drive is that like most of the rest of the FF, unique. Instead of using a transfer case like the all-wheel-drive and four-wheel vehicles, Ferrari send power directly from each end of the engine, transmission seven-speed driving rear wheels back. A different walk of two-speed takes power off the nose of the Crank drive wheels up front. Only the front wheels drive the vehicle below the fourth gear. After that, the rears get all the torque.

Dampers magneto-rheological help controls the 2014 Ferrari FF body motion for the gate to be better in the broad range of conditions, whereas the brakes, Carbon-Ceramic increase the fade-resistance and strength performance of the biggest shooting brake.

2014 Ferrari FF Facelift

2014 Ferrari FF Facelift