2014 Citroen 4C

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The 2014 Citroen 4C has been one of the best 7-MPVs and this latest model takes things a stage further. It has strong economic credentials and the model Airdream offers an impressive MPG, while the top-Spec versions have the type of equipment standards that will be difficult to obtain from the premium brand for the same price. Help is very good with one of the best folding chair arrangements we have seen, while in the room very often-used by the middle row is really capacious. Above all that, it looks great-unusual for an MPV with a mix of French flair Germanic solidity.

2014 Citroen 4C Design

As a brand with a history full of boldly styled cars, it is not surprising that Citroen has created an MPV that stands out from the crowd. 2014 Citroen 4C is a seriously smart looking car with modern design and upmarket makes the Ford S-MAX look old hat. It is certainly the best way to look at a Kia Carens, Vauxhall Zafira Tourer Toyota Verso-all MPVs reasonably stylish in their own right.

The grille chevron and a small LED lamps run to give the Picasso Futuristic face, while the large glass area adds to the modern look. Comparing the Smart roof rails Start A-pillar, run along the ceiling and curl around the rear window, plus unique tail lights for a long time Grand Picasso it’s a little different five-seat model.

2014 Citroen 4C Interior

Inside, Citroen takes a minimalist way, with a design Airy center in the world-12 inch central TFT screen and smaller touch-sensitive center console. I dash stylish combination of Curves and angles, while the Plastics Smooth rule in the paragraph above. Unfortunately, this upmarket feel is sharper, cheap-a sense of primary materials used down to the cabin.

The 2014 Citroen 4C standard screen panoramic glass roof and large windows let in more light, and the Flagship Exclusive + you get a kit like luxury massage chairs and an electric footrest in the passenger front seat. You also get settled-Nav, Bluetooth and a scented air freshener and + Exclusive trim, all adding to the upmarket feel.

2014 Citroen 4C Engine

Here is a portion of the road noise than you get in quietest-7 MPVs on the market and a 2.0 Blue HDI is a bit noisy at idle. Working from 148hp unit is strong, but we ‘d prefers one to the other, Diesels cool costume more refined, cheap to buy and save more. Empty MPVs are used, and look for low, so avoid the blast.

2014 Citroen 4C, with little feedback through the steering flat-bottomed, a four-engine gear notch and the body roll, the Picasso is not the case, Polo, but there is plenty of grip and a security official statistic kit includes active cruise control, reversing camera and blind warning.

2014 Citroen C4 Grand

2014 Citroen C4 Grand

However, the 2014 Citroen 4C room full of tech-sometimes more than the simplicity of driving experience. For example, a simple task such as to adapt to the temperature forces you to take your eyes off the road as you walk through a sub-menus on the screen in the center.