2014 BMW i3

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BMW went all-in on the vehicle  2014 BMW i3. The Bavarian automaker has a make-series-which is high-i8-a philosophy of sustainable mobility. The purpose of the i3, which means a dedicated electric city car. One is 157 inches long-about 1.5 feet shorter than the Honda place-the i3 should have more of the cycle you ‘re near the center of the museum. And with seating, you’ll be able to play your pictures Critics in Community Circle with you.

Becoming a BMW, the  2014 BMW i3 should not you honey. A one bag at a BMW test and came away impressed with its legs and fluid acceleration, refined ride in the speed and unmistakable pedigree of its power. It is, twists and surges pretty much exactly as you ‘d expect a little BMW. Extensive use of aluminum for consistency and strength chassis and tent accessories means the i3 is around 2,700 pounds. That’s a good bit leaner than the place or even the Toyota Prius.

2014 BMW i3 Motor

The 2014 BMW i3,  powerful 125-kilowatt electric motor mounts on the axle and furious driving in carrying wheels with equivalent horsepower 170 and 184 pound-feet of torque. BMW said i3 will dash from zero to 62 h in 7.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 93 h. The i3 will have anywhere from 80-100 km range only on price, with additional range and Eco tourism Pro and Eco Pro + drive.

The  2014 BMW i3 will also be offered with a second Drivetrain with a small two-cylinder engine together with the electric motor as a generator. The 2014 BMW i3 auxiliary engine does not provide any propulsion, but instead jump to monitor the battery state of charge when it started dwindling. BMW said that the range of options Extender roughly doubles the  2014 BMW i3.
In its most basic configuration, the  2014 BMW i3 should charge in six hours, when a 50kW “quick charge” type supercharger configuration used by Tesla promises a full charge in 30 minutes. Using a 220 Volt outlet, the  2014 BMW i3 can be charged in three hours.

2014 BMW i3 Interior

Inside the tents, a “freestanding” steering column control buttons with tools, cluster and gearshift lever, and a center console. Instead, three-a 6.5-inch instrument cluster, 8.8-inch central display and a third and final screen audio and climate controls-to form the bulk of the driving interface. A navigation system is standard. The  2014 BMW i3 also dispenses with a center tunnel bisecting the thresh and use a full-size front seat bench and you fear for your friends ingress and egress. Continue the Eco theme, upholstery and panels are made ​​from sustainable materials; up to one-quarter of the interior plastics are recycled sources.

Outside, the i3 does not look quite as any before BMW and will feature 19-inch titanium wheels, adaptive headlights and the taillights. Three trim levels Mega, height and persist-will provide a range of options with specific date designs, and TEO upholstery leather. Two additional packages will in general advanced navigation features, Smartphone-connected services, safety technology with more accident Warning and accident mitigation, and a rearview camera to help you. How long  2014 BMW i3 is the quality and capability in a real nice way to electric vehicle such as Toyota and Nissan electric and remains the place to see, but its BMW heritage and promising services should be you have a specific choice.

2014 BMW i3 Price

The 2014 BMW i3 goes on sale next spring in North America starting at $41,350 before any applicable tax credits. Expect to pay about $4,000 more for the range Extender option.

2014 BMW i3 Concept

2014 BMW i3 Concept