2013 Dodge Charger SXT

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The 2013 Dodge Charger SXT is full-size sedans hitting the market, its figured it was time to take another look at our favorite veteran. The Dodge Charger facing stiff competition from a host of vehicles that transmit power only the front wheels think Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Zerah, Kia Cadenza, Toyota Avalon, the rear or all-wheel-drive Charger is not without its merits.  Of course, it is not the freshest face on the block any more, I have become the last major update its back in 2011, but recently it gained a eight-speed automatic for its standard V6 engine and Chrysler has generally been keeping a very good job it thanks to a number of relevant special edition packages.

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Interior

At least most of the interior functional and comfortable. All five seats have plenty of room in the stretch-out and heated front thrones. The thick-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel indicates that the vehicle is in business, at least moreso than the typical full-size sedan. One demerit we’ve harped on before is the T-shaped gear lever that came at the same time as the automatic eight speed. Involving the 300 and Jeep Grand Cherokee, the lever looks high tech but frustratingly difficult to use.

In an abundance of riches on the dashboard is a great way to connect Access infotainment system Chrysler. Its 8.4-inch screen and basically lag-free software are the major Sessions compared to competitor units. Garmin software Basque navigation, meanwhile, is working well but feels simple for those who would like more information on the screen at the same time.

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Engine

The V6’s horsepower peaks close to redline, while 260 LB-ft. of torque comes on at a slightly more reasonable 4,800 rpm. Fortunately, there’s still a good deal of torque on hand at lower rpms, so it is not need to do much to consolidate the throttle for forward progress. But if you depress the action Skinny, you’re rewarded with a faint, rain growl that would not be out of place on the car two or three times the price list.  Optional all-wheel-drive system’s charger disconnects front wheels automatically when needed. We saw the existing understanding of the stars on dry, wet, thanks to a 19-inch Michelin all-season tires. Fuel economy takes the big hit with all-wheel-drive – from 31 mpg on the rear of the driver 27 mpg on our inspector per the Epa. We saw close to 29 mpg on an really long highway jaunt, although the observed 18 mpg city fuel economy was right on and Epa statistics.

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Fuel Economy

Those figures fuel economy even more impressive when you consider how well the charger handles. Despite its size and heft, its steering quick compared to the knowledge combine with a firm but not punishing the suspension to deliver the ride and handling of a genuine sports sedan. This is a large four-door relishes actually tossed about on the streets CURVY. Thanks to its wheelbase and long sounds Kill comprehensive, it is also a quiet highway cruiser.

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Blacktop

2013 Dodge Charger SXT Blacktop